Desserts you wouldn't need more than 5 ingredients to make

Eating desserts has always been easy, now making them is too

Desserts you wouldnt need more than 5 ingredients to make

Standing in the kitchen for hours to make a dish to be consumed in under 10 minutes has always seemed supremely unfair to us. No matter how fancy the interiors of your cooking station, we are all for minimising the efforts in return for maximum benefits. And that is why we have curated for you a list of oh-so-good desserts, all of which can be whipped up with the use of five or less ingredients and in the blink of an eye. Exaggeration? Sure, but you get the drift!

Nutella chocolate brownies

Nutella we believe is the potato-equivalent of the baking world. No matter how and where you use it, once it is in your recipe the dish is bound to taste good. In this case, add it to your mix of flour, eggs and voila! You have yourself the easiest brownies ever.

Strawberry Jam

Caramelise chopped strawberries and add lime juice to it to make a stash of the most amazing jam for yourself.Enjoy the sweet treat as a spread or as a whole dessert, depending on your mood.

Mango Cream

With summer right around the corner, did you assume we'd miss out on mangoes? This recipe is a one-up on all the possible refreshments you can think of to beat the heat. All you have to do is add your chopped mangoes to a glass of your favourite lassi and blend it well, freeze and dig in!

Coconut Custard Pudding

It is plain criminal that this recipe was kept from us for so long. Imagine being able to whip up a custard pudding so smooth that it practically melts in your mouth and that too with ingredients easily available in our homes. Follow this recipe to the T and watch the fun.

Vanilla Milkshake

To begin with, vanilla milkshake in itself is a complete no-nonsense dessert/drink, and there's no way you can go wrong with it. That's why we have brought to you this three-ingredient recipe. Stir, shake and serve or have it just by yourself.

Til Gud Cookies

Our childhood favourite til-chikkis just got fancy glow-up and came back to us as til-gud cookies. We're not complaining. Watch this video and bake yourself these healthy and delicious cookies with just five ingredients; we're sure you'll find them on the racks of your kitchen shelves.

Keto Coffee Panna Cotta

What would we not give to get a bite of a perfectly jiggly panna cotta? Watch this recipe to make the easiest coffee panna cotta and the best part? You can go overboard with the number of servings this time because it's keto.

Oreo Cake

Twist, lick, dunk, bite—if this is how you continue eating your Oreos, we have a different suggestion: turn it into a cake. Plus, it needs literally three ingredients. Need we say more?

Which recipe did you like the best?

Shreyasee Ghosh

Shreyasee Ghosh

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