Don’t junk those leftovers yet, we may have just the tasteful solution you're looking for

Check out our list of 10 delicious recipes, all made with last night's leftovers

Don’t junk those leftovers yet, we may have just the tasteful solution youre looking for

New day, new beginning but the same old leftover food can dampen your spirits real quick. But somehow, drowning in guilt for wasting food and the lack of novelty in the same old dal-chawal-roti-sabzi, is a battle we wage everyday. If only there was a way to make the best of both worlds and turn last night’s dinner into some new, unique and delicious breakfast today, well that would be one hurdle tackled for the day.

If you’ve recently hopped on to the zero-waste band wagon, or have been cruising around for quite a while, we have for you 10 fantastic recipes that use your leftover rice and rotis to make you a wholesome and flavoursome meal in the form of noodles, pizza and much more. How, you ask? Well, you are going to have to scroll further down to know.

Batata vada
If by chance you’ve got a vessel full of last night’s cooked potatoes, turn them into vadas and enjoy it with a condiment of your choice the next day, with this easy recipe.

Crispy rice balls
There is no soul on Earth that can turn down an appetiser, and the fact that these ensure zero-waste in your kitchen is what makes this recipe all the more better. If you wish to be a daredevil playground with the chillies for spice or some cheese for the richness.

Tomato rice
Give your day a tangy start by upgrading your steamed rice to a plate of tomato rice. Quick for a meal and even quicker for the tiffin, this recipe is a life saver.

Dal paratha
Breakfasts and parathas go hand in hand, But skip all the elaborate preparation process and get your breakfast ready in a jiffy. All you need is some leftover dal and this recipe to guide you.

Spinach soup pasta
Turn your boring spinach soup into a wholesome pasta in minutes. This cheesy and healthy recipe is a quick-fix meal be it for snack time or a light dinner.

Roti lasagna
If that casserole of leftover roti has been bothering you, don’t think twice and just turn it into a lasagne. Don’t believe us? The video below is all the proof that you need.

Bread Upma
Save this recipe for those moments when you know you’ve got bread at home and no way to finish it before it goes stale. An excellent and flavoursome choice for breakfast, you could not go wrong with this recipe.

Indo-Mexican rice
Introduce global flavours to your casserole of leftover rice, and your table, with this quick and easy recipe for Indo-Mexican rice.

Roti noodles
Ditch the store-bought noodles with a few homemade rotis and toss it along with a few condiments, veggies and spices to make your own version of roti-noodles.

Idli manchurian
In an epic fusion of cuisines, this recipe for idli manchurians will surely win your heart while turning the bane of your kitchen to a boon for your table.

Now that you’ve got 10 ways to put those leftovers to good use, you can also click here to get a lowdown on some zero-waste practices.

Don’t junk those leftovers yet, we may have just the tasteful solution

Natasha Kittur

Natasha Kittur

Natasha Kittur is an aspiring writer. Her love for anything with cheese and spice is profound, but a white sauce pasta always tops her list. In her free time you will catch her reading or watching crime books and shows or go on and on about psychological experiments and theories. She aims to write a book in the fictional genre someday.

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