Frankly speaking, we think you should bookmark these recipes for frankies, wraps and rolls right now

From Kolkata’s signature kathi rolls to Mumbai’s iconic frankie, our list is complete with the best suggestions

Frankie, wraps and rolls recipes

Aren't we all at the mercy of our hunger pangs? And at such times, while the heart yearns for something unmatched in taste, the mind tends to lean towards something quick. In this story, you will find recipes that address both, while also providing fun solutions towards using up leftovers. Don't waste another minute and check out our list of rotis, wraps and rolls, pronto.

Soya kathi roll

We found an upgrade for your lunch with this soya kathi roll. Packed with protein and veggies, it's irresistible, finger-licking and perfect for adults and kids alike.

Vegetable frankie

This street-style staple can easily be made at home. You just need to follow a few steps for the recipe and fill up the chapati with spiced vegetables, green chutney, tomato ketchup, mayonnaise or any other spread of your choice.

Bengali chicken roll

A quintessential Bengali favourite, this one's a much-loved street food in the city of joy. Armed with flavours that are subtle and gripping at the same time, this recipe is a keeper.

Mutton frankie

A satisfying quick bite from Mumbai, frankies are the best fast food, IMHO. Our version features succulent spiced mutton rolled into a frankie wrap with chaat masala, green chillies and pickled onions.

Paneer frankie

This one will please vegetarians and meat lovers alike and features paneer marinated in yoghurt, aromatic spices and red chilli flakes sprinkled for good measure.

Crispy beetroot wrap

We are calling this one a colourful explosion of flavours, which is not just healthy but tasty too.

Healthy egg salad wraps

Egg salad & lettuce wrapped in tortillas sounds like the best brekkie on-the-go to us. What about you?

Chilli chicken egg frankie

These have been ruling the street scene since quite sometime now. Follow our simple step-by-step recipe to prepare it at home.

Paneer aloo kathi roll

This all-in-one roll is wholesome and filling, plus, perfect for lunch and dinner.

Chatpata rajma wrap

Do you have a better solution for using leftover roti and two-day-old rajma? We didn't think so.

Kolkata-style egg roll

Nothing competes this signature roll that has everything in one perfect bite. Make it now!

So, which of these recipes did you like and would be trying out first?

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