Get saucy with these 7 lip-smacking chutney recipes to spice up your meals

From humble beginnings to grand feasts, let's uncover seven mouthwatering chutney recipes that will take your meals to the next level

Get saucy with these 7 lip-smacking chutney recipes to spice up your meals

India is renowned for its rich culinary heritage particularly when it comes to chutney recipes. From north to south and east to west our country offers a kaleidoscope of chutneys that vary in flavour, texture and ingredients showcasing the diverse regional cuisines. Check out these 7 delicious chutneys that promise to tantalise your taste buds and elevate your dining experience!

Bombay-Style Sukha Bhel Chutney
One of my absolute favourite dishes is chaat and nothing beats the satisfaction of whipping up a batch of fresh bhel at home. The key to making it truly unforgettable lies in crafting the perfect Bombay Sukha Chutney. This zesty blend of spices and tangy flavours is what takes the bhel to the next level, creating a symphony of textures and tastes in every bite. With the freshest ingredients at hand, I love how simple it is to recreate the authentic street food experience right in my kitchen bringing a burst of zest and joy to every plate.

Milagai Podi Masala
Podi masala is not just a condiment, it's a culinary experience that embodies the essence of South Indian cuisine. By making your own Milagai Podi masala at home you not only ensure the freshest ingredients but also have the freedom to customise the spice level and texture to suit your palate perfectly. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast of South Indian flavours or new to this culinary delight, this recipe is must try if you are looking to enhance your meal game.

Palak Chutney
Have you ever tried the vibrant flavours of Andhra Pradesh's cuisine? One of my recent discoveries is this Palak Chutney, made with fresh spinach leaves and a blend of delicious spices. This chutney isn't just a side, it's a culinary delight that pairs perfectly with a warm bowl of rice. Especially during the monsoon season, its comforting warmth and aromatic richness bring a sense of cosiness to every meal.

Hyderabadi Dahi Chutney
Crafted with curd (or dahi) as its star ingredient, this Hyderabadi Dahi Chutney is simply perfect. Its creamy texture and tangy taste makes it an ideal complement to a steaming bowl of biryani or as a versatile side for any dish. What makes this chutney stand out is its ability to balance and enhance flavours. Whether savoured on a scorching summer day or enjoyed as a comforting addition to a festive feast, Hyderabadi Dahi Chutney is a must-try for anyone who loves exploring the rich flavours of Indian cuisine.

Thecha Chutney
If you're looking for a classic chutney recipe that embodies the bold flavours of Maharashtra, look no further than thecha. This beloved Maharashtrian specialty is renowned for its spicy kick and aromatic blend of green chillies and garlic. Perfect alongside a comforting varan bhaat meal, Thecha adds a vibrant twist to every bite offering a taste of authentic Maharashtrian cuisine that's both unforgettable and deeply satisfying.

Mushroom Chutney
Have you ever heard of mushroom chutney? This creamy delight has become a recent favourite, perfect as a spread on toast or a savoury dip with nacho chips. Its velvety texture and the earthy richness of mushrooms combine perfectly with a blend of aromatic spices results in a caondiment that's simply irresistible. Promising to add a burst of flavour and creamy goodness to your dining experience, give this recipe a try.

Roasted Tomato-Chilli-Garlic Chutney
This roasted tomato-chilli-garlic chutney is a dream for spice lovers like me. It hits all the right spots with its tangy tomatoes and fiery blend of chilli and garlic. This chutney has won me over, especially when paired with crisp raw veggies for a refreshing dip.

Whether enjoyed as a condiment, dip or flavourful accompaniment, these chutneys enrich the dining experience with their vibrant tastes and versatility. Do give them a try!

Simran Dsouza

Simran Dsouza

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