10 recipes you need to keep handy this Ramazan

Bring out the wooden skewers, because we've got you 10 juicy kebab recipes

10 recipes you need to keep handy this Ramazan

A fun way to amp up any recipe is to put them on a stick. And who doesn't love a side of kebabs with their meal? The versatile dish can be made with pretty much any ingredients, be it chicken, fish, meat or, even fresh veggies and fruits. Sure, the whole idea of making kebabs with the accompaniments of an oven or grill may seem daunting but it really isn't. Because we have rounded up recipes that show you just how to get the texture right. Keep scrolling.

Lamb galouti kebab

You can't call yourself a kebab lover without trying the OG: galouti. With a special spice mix and a signature flavour, they're just what you need to perk up a dinner party.

Goolar ke kebab

Another recipe to tickle your tastebuds, Goolar ke kebabs are stuffed with raisins, cashew and fried onions. Biting into one not only surprises in terms of texture, but also strikes you with a powerful burst of flavours.

Peshwari chapli kebab

Less is more is the perfect definition for chapli kebab. Essentially made with ground meat and spice, they're perfect for when you want to eat something fun but also get things done quickly.

Irani mutton shammi kebab

Shammi kebabs are kebabs with a twist—they are not only made with meat, but also have coarse lentils which gives them a grainy texture. Try our recipe today!

Chicken kebab

Simple to make and difficult to resist, this recipe will make sure you don't leave any trail on your table. Bookmark for your next barbecue sesh.

Raw banana kebabs

This recipe is for our vegetarian friends. Raw bananas have high fibre content, which makes these kebabs not only an impeccably yum choice, but also a nutritious one.

Hara bhara kebab

No wedding buffet is complete without these little kebabs. Crispy on the outside and soft inside, they should be served with some ketchup and green chutney on the side. Pro tip: Make a batch in advance and refrigerate, so you can enjoy them throughout the week.

Paneer seekh kebab

Paneer is a versatile ingredient and therefore, makes everything better. Try our recipe for when you feel like a carb-free dinner, by pairing it with a desi salad full of greens!

Beetroot kebabs

This one is especially for you to feed your little foodies beetroot in disguise. For fussy eaters, kids and adults alike, these kebabs are yum and their bright red colour is an instant sell.

Corn kebab

While we all love snacking on masala corn and popcorn, how about trying a little elevated version? Add veggies of your choice, serve it with ketchup and you're good to go.

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