Top 10 kid-friendly recipes to bookmark that will earn you a kiss, smile and a squeaky clean plate

Yum's the only word you'll hear, we promise

Top 10 kid-friendly recipes to bookmark that will earn you a kiss, smile and a squeaky clean plate

Let's face it—coming up with meal ideas for toddlers can be an uphill task. And then getting some of these picky eaters to chow down the prepared meal is another battle that most parents dread. We feel you. But you know what? We often tend to complicate mealtimes in a bid to bundle up all the nourishment and goodness, especially on those hurried weekdays.

We believe keeping it simple goes a long way in turning those frowns into wide smiles. These ravenous little tykes often enjoy foods that are very simple and straightforward. Which is why we've rounded up 10- kid friendly recipes that are easy, full of nutrition and can be rustled up in a jiffy. Also, these recipes are versatile so that you can sub them or take a shortcut. Check it out.

Vegetable mini burgers

Let's just accept the fact that kids love burgers. And what better than homemade? Make these flavorful burgers with this easy recipe and watch them polish it off in no time. Psst, throw in all the veggies that you can bundle and the kids won't even know it!

Paneer papad fingers

Safe to say, kids are papad-crunching machines. We are sold on this finger food idea with paneer hidden inside a crushed papad coating. Easy-peasy and oh-so-yummy.

Mexican burritos

This recipe is all about bringing back joy to the dinner table. A crispy exterior, the goodness of cheese, veggies and beans on the inside, you will keep coming back to this recipe again and again.

Cheesy oats idlis

Fluffy, soft, loaded with veggies and cheese, these are perfect for breakfast or snacking. Follow our easy recipe right here.

Baked chicken empanadas

Loaded with shredded chicken, eggs and veggies, these baked empanadas will become fast favourites, we promise. Here's our take on it.

Crispy bread paneer pockets

A quick bread snack that's crunchy on the outside and soft inside, kids will love these shallow fried pockets.

Mushroom cheese sandwich

Mushrooms and cheese are a match made in heaven. This recipe is effortless, quick to prepare, and full-of-flavor.

Pizza paratha

This paratha recipe with pizza sauce and veggies and cheese is so good, you'll be eating it too.

Schezwan zucchini pancakes

Give regular pancakes a spicy twist with Schezwan sauce along with zucchini with our delicious recipe.

Pancake sandwich

Give your morning routine a new lease of life with a pancake breakfast sandwich. With fruity pancakes as buns, what more could you want?

We are petitioning for no-mealtime-meltdowns. Are you in?

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