10 recipes that prove that you and them are ferment to be together

From Punjab's lassi to Gujarat’s dhokla, these fermented dishes prove that India was always ahead of the curve

10 recipes that prove that you and them are ferment to be together

Fermentation might be all the rage globally today, but India has a vast repertoire of fermented foods. From Gujarat's dhokla to the South's idli and dosa, here are 10 fermented food recipes that are finger-licking good and great for your gut.


A South Indian staple, idli batter is made by using soaked rice, urad dal, and kept overnight for fermentation. Follow our recipe to the T to make the fluffiest idlis.


Khaman dhokla is a Gujarati classic made by mixing chickpea flour, rice flour, yoghurt, and water. The mixture is then fermented overnight and steamed to give you this addictive snack.


Jalebi is a popular Indian dessert. Make yours at home the traditional way by keeping the batter overnight to ferment and check out our recipe for top results.


Dosa is the most loved South Indian dish. Just like idli batter, simply blend soaked rice and urad dal and keep the batter in a warm place for 8 to 10 hours. Then spread it on a tawa and embellish with podi, ghee, or masala, whatever your heart desires.


Chaas is a popular drink found across India. To try this mint chaas click on the link below.


Appam is a South Indian dish common in Kerala. To make appams, blend soaked rice with grated coconut or add coconut milk to fermented rice batter.


Lassi is so common, most of us forget that it's actually a fermented drink. Try the Punjabi special now, which in our kitchen comes with an exquisite twist to become peda lassi.

Palak Paneer

Also known as Indian cottage cheese, paneer is made by adding lemon/ vinegar to whole milk. Once done with making your paneer, transform it into a velvety palak paneer by following our recipe.


Much like dhokla, khandvi too is a fermented treat, hailing from the state of Gujarat. It comprises besan and yoghurt and is a nutritious and healthy snack.


A traditional Indian sweet dish that is served chilled, shrikhand is made with yoghurt, cardamom, sugar, and saffron.

Add all of our recipes to your arsenal and have fun fermenting at home.

Afreen Shaikh

Afreen Shaikh

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