A salad a day, keeps the doctor away. So, we've got you 10

Healthy and tasty salad recipes to go with your meals or as a filling meal on their own

A salad a day, keeps the doctor away. So, weve got you 10

If there was a dime for every time the word 'health' was used around us, we would all be millionaires by now. From maintaining a healthy lifestyle to our cooking habits, it pervades all parts of our lives assuming different forms and meanings in varied contexts. So much, that we have even figured out ways to make junk and fast food recipes healthy and explored to understand how an unusual plant has a ton of benefits. The adage, "health is the greatest wealth" seems to be on everyone's minds. Which is why this word has always been loosely or firmly associated with salads. And we have picked out 10 super-tasty salad recipes for you to enjoy with your meals or simply have them as a filling meal for that health flex.

Falafel salad

Try out this falafel salad to give your meals a Middle-Eastern twist. We promise that you will end up eating it as a meal because it's that good. Follow our recipe to make it at home.

Mexican quinoa salad

Amigas and amigos! Check out this wonderful salad filled with the goodness of quinoa along with a Mexican twist—perfect for a sexy dinner night in.

Almond apple quinoa salad

Almonds, apples and quinoa in a salad, brimming with freshness. Need we say more?

Mexican salsa salad

Ditch the nachos tonight and try out this awesome Mexican salsa salad. Or try out both, we won't judge.

Honey mustard salad

If eating healthy seems like a struggle, then you oughta try this honey mustard salad for a change. It will not disappoint, we promise.

Mediterranean salad

This Mediterranean salad has everything you need to keep a cool mind and body. Beat the heat (of frustration and stress) at the end of a tiring day with this recipe.

Mango and avocado salad

Juicy mango and fresh avocados come together to make this beautiful fruity salad. It's just what you need to drive away the blues.

Cold pasta salad

This cold pasta salad is for all those who don't wanna give up pasta but want to eat healthy at the same time.

Goat cheese salad with blueberry dressing

It has cheese, blueberries and it's a salad. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be. Try this easy recipe right here.

Chicken salami salad

For a Friday night in, when you want to pamper yourself with all things healthy, don't forget to try out this chicken salami salad. You'll thank us later.

We are intent on debunking the belief that all salads are full of leaves and boring. We hope these recipes make healthy living a little more fun and interesting. Chomp away!

Natasha Kittur

Natasha Kittur

Natasha Kittur is an aspiring writer. Her love for anything with cheese and spice is profound, but a white sauce pasta always tops her list. In her free time you will catch her reading or watching crime books and shows or go on and on about psychological experiments and theories. She aims to write a book in the fictional genre someday.

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