5 beverages to cosy up with this rainy season

A book, your comfort corner and a warm glass of your favourite drink is all you need this monsoon

5 beverages to cosy up with this rainy season

We're gearing up for the monsoon season and the evening showers that come with it. So, we have a list of the perfect warm beverages that'll fit the mood just right. Make this rainy season extra special as you cosy-up to finally watch that show on your list, read that book you've been meaning to or just simply cherish the downpour through your window. While a kadak chai will always remain a classic, we're asking: what if you try something else?

White hot chocolate

What can possibly feel better than curling up inside a blanket with a hot cup of cocoa? But, make it with white chocolate and a generous topping of Irish cream. Watch this video to learn how to make it for yourself.

Lemon ice tea

We always associate monsoon with warm drinks, but there's no harm taking a path less trodden with a tall glass of chilled lemon tea instead. We say, this video is your go-to.

Bournvita mint milk

Growing up, Bournvita has played an integral part of our 'doodh-peelo' sessions, be it for breakfast or right before your evening studies. Watch the video below to give this childhood drink a minty twist and trust us when we say, you're going to keep coming back to it.

Spiced hot chocolate

This time for your rainy-day cravings, try our version of the hot chocolate made with Indian spices and topped off with a layer of whipped cream. Learn the recipe and whisk up a mug for yourself without further ado.

Cinnamon orange hot coffee

During the monsoons, coffee seems to become extra-special to us coffee lovers. So, this time we suggest you try out our new cinnamon orange hot coffee, which is equal parts riche, zesty and comforting.

Make sure to try all of them and let us know which one is your favourite!

Shreyasee Ghosh

Shreyasee Ghosh

Shreyasee who has always remained a foodie has now embarked upon the journey of channelling her love for the same through her writing. An ardent theatre-lover, she's always on the look-out for new avenues to express her creative self. Apart from writing and working on social media, she also never misses an opportunity to crack a joke, every now and then.

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