5 chawli recipes that you need to add to your meal plans

Ranging from Punjab’s lobiya curry to Tamil Nadu's karamani sundal, these recipes will definitely leave you wanting more

5 chawli recipes that you need to add to your meal plans

Call it chawli, lobiya, cow peas, or black eyed beans, this legume contains many nutrients and is widely used in Indian kitchens. Plus, it is rich in zinc, magnesium, and vitamins. Here are a few recipes to try with the seasonal ingredient.

Chawli and green peas rice

If you are bored of eating your regular masala rice or pulao, you should definitely try this dish. Made with rice, chawli, green peas, green chilies and masala, this is a great lunch and dinner option. Pro tip: if spice is not your thing, try it with some chilled curd.

Lobiya ki dal

Lobiya is a protein powerhouse, nutrient-rich, and an excellent source of fibres. You can introduce the legume to your diet with this recipe, which is not only easy to make but tastes delicious too. Pair it with steamed rice and you have the perfect comfort food.

Karamani sundal

Karamani sundal is a sweet dish made during Navratri season in South India. This snack is made using chawli, jaggery and is spiced with cardamom and chilies. Save it for dessert or just dig in when the sweet craving hits.

Healthy capsicum boats

These healthy capsicum boats are not only colourful, but also abundant in proteins, fibres, and nutrients. Just add in some corn, chawli, and brinjal, garnish it with your desired spices (we recommend adding a little cheese as well) and there you go.

Chawli usal

Usal is a Maharashtrian favourite, made with legumes and sprouts and flavoured with a number of spices that lend to the flavour. Try this easy, healthy, and tasty usal recipe at home, when you wish to add a little Marathi touch to the table.

Trying any one of these black eyed beans recipes will chawli make this ingredient one among your favourites. It's an IFN promise.

Afreen Shaikh

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