5 coffee recipes espresso-ly for you

If you thought you could love your coffee only one way, think again

5 coffee recipes espresso-ly for you

Coffee has managed to wake us up better than any alarm in the world. We might even go to the extent of replacing water with it, and because there are more ways than one to enjoy this much-loved beverage.. If you identify with this emotion, this list is just what you need to see today.

Homemade cappuccino

If you find yourself enjoying a cup of freshly brewed cappuccino every time you visit a cafe, it's high time you learn to make it for yourself so you can enjoy it whenever you wish. Watch this video to learn how.

Instant mocha

The goodness of coffee added to a base of cocoa powder is all that one needs to snuggle up with in bed. If you think this way too, watch this video to learn and make this for yourself in a jiffy.

Filter coffee

A true coffee lover knows, this is the OG. As our love for this beverage keeps on increasing, we suggest, teach yourself this classic and make a piping hot cup whenever you're longing for a good kick of caffeine.

Cold coffee

Give your usual hot coffee a cool swap, quite literally. Blend your ground coffee with chilled milk and follow the video below to learn the nuances of making a refreshing drink.

Dalgona coffee

Dalgona coffee, or as we like to call it, our overnight internet sensation— a creamy mix made with equal parts coffee powder, sugar and milk is a recipe you can surely try. Watch the video to learn the technique carefully and enjoy a cuppa.

So, which one is your personal favourite?

Shreyasee Ghosh

Shreyasee Ghosh

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