6 homegrown, non-alcoholic brands to quench your thirst with this summer

Our top picks of the best in the beverages biz in India to help you keep the heat at bay this year

6 homegrown, non-alcoholic brands to quench your thirst with this summer

It's clearly that time of the year when the Glucon-D ad of the sun sucking out the life from those little kids becomes all too relatable. Even the sight of chilled bottles, and little droplets of condensation on them inching their way to the table top, makes you yearn for a little sip. As the heat only turns up, there is nothing more relieving than a cold soda. And for that we've listed down six ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages that will help you keep your cool this summer with their unique flavours and fresh approach towards soda and carbonated drinks. Here's our favourite picks from all that's new and exciting in the RTD beverages market in India, with several homegrown brands seriously changing the game!


On the frontline, we have Svami that prides itself on having an assorted and refreshing range of mixers and zero proof beverages. Among the first to tap into the craft tonic water space, some flavours that you should definitely try from the banner are their Salted Lemonade or their 2 Cal Cola. They serve as the perfect mixers to your drink or can be enjoyed as is on the rocks. Some flavours from their non-alcoholic segment that you should get your hands on are their Gin & Tonic and the Rum and Cola.
To order: Visit svamidrinks.com

Polka Pop

If you are looking for a healthier alternative to the filled-with-sweeteners-and-preservatives carbonated drinks, Polka Pop is here to help. Bubbly and flavourful, minus all the unnecessary sugar, this brand boasts of the use 100% natural flavouring. If you are experimenting we'd recommend the lemon lime, cranberry and peach flavours.
To order: Visit polkapop.in

Local — All Natural Soda

If local produce, sustainability and health are your top requirements from a brand, look no further. Based out of Mizoram, Local is trying to put northeastern produce on the map, like sertawk (pomelo) and ginger (of which Mizoram is a leading cultivator) with their fizzy-fresh drinks that come in two flavours—the flagship pomelo soda and ginger ale. Made with original fruit juice and in small-batches, this is a new entrant in the market that's set to leave a mark.
To order: Call/Whatsapp on +91 87874 08443 (currently only delivering in Delhi and Mizoram).

Bengal Bay

Stepping foot in the market with their 100% organic and premium quality tonic waters is Bengal Bay. Sourcing only the finest ingredients from across the country to give their mixers a natural flavour, one drink that you must try is the orange and basil tonic. It can be consumed as is, or pair it up with a double shot of espresso to make a mean espresso tonic.
To order: Visit bengalbaydrinks.com

Jade Forest

Jade Forest tries to set up the atmosphere of enjoying a chilled drink under the shade of a big tree, with the grass beneath your feet. If you don't believe us, it is time you tried a few beverages from their collection. They pride themselves on using the purest ingredients and employing ethical and unique practices to make the most of their produce when it comes to extracting flavour. Their range of premium iced teas and flavoured tonic waters that come in grapefruit and wild elderflower variety will not disappoint.
To order: Visit jadeforest.in


If chilled water sounds boring, Zenzi has an alternative that you are bound to love. Their range of fun, bubbly flavoured waters makes for an excellent and healthy choice to quench that thirst. Being a botanical-infused sparkling water, they also do their part in making clean drinking water more accessible, by setting aside 1% of all sales to donate to this cause. If this has piqued your interest, don't forget to try their mango hibiscus and lychee rose flavours.
To order: Visit drinkzenzi.com

With the summer in full swing, which beverage do you choose as your companion?

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