Book your appointment for a lit therapy session soon at Therapy Cocktail Bar

With over a 100 concoctions and tipples to choose from, therapy just got a lot more fun at this quirky bar

Book your appointment for a lit therapy session soon at Therapy Cocktail Bar

The area right outside Khar station serves as a popular hangout spot for many, especially with The Habitat—a performance and event venue—nearby along with numerous bars in the neighbourhood. A recent addition to this food and drink scenario is Therapy Cocktail Bar. And well, don’t question the name yet till you’ve read our full review and paid this bar a visit. Upon asking Rishab Verma—Founder of Therapy Cocktail Bar—the reason behind such a quirky yet fitting name, he said, ‘the name "Therapy Cocktail Bar" holds a dual meaning for us. "Therapy" signifies the atmosphere we strive to cultivate—a refuge for guests to escape everyday stress and rediscover freedom. And “Cocktail Bar" reflects our commitment to a diverse menu, carefully curated to evoke nostalgic memories.’ As you approach the establishment, a sign declares 'Therapy in session,' so brace yourself for what lies ahead, although we can promise you this much, that your time here will be well spent.

The place itself is reminiscent of the good old days, boasting a retro aesthetic, neon lighting and blue tiled walls that transport you back in time as you would make rounds at a gaming arcade, enjoying yourself thoroughly. "Our decision to embrace a nostalgic ambiance at Therapy Cocktail Bar is driven by our belief in curating a distinctive and memorable experience for our guests. In a world dominated by modern designs, we aim to stand out by offering a space that transports individuals to a time of carefree joy," said Rishab.

Coming to the part that makes Therapy Cocktail Bar so unique, I’d say it definitely has to be their extensive cocktail menu, offering over 100 concoctions ranging from classics to signature blends. And if your inner child wishes that you cater to its whimsy, they also feature a number of dessert or candy-based cocktails.

In formulating the cocktail menu at Therapy Cocktail Bar, Rishab Verma made some pivotal considerations while ensuring diversity to accommodate varied preferences and prioritising creativity. He mentioned that the goal was to craft a unique and memorable guest experience by blending familiar flavours with innovative twists in each cocktail.

While I do understand that a 100 cocktails are more than enough to spoil you for choice, lets be honest, a 100 cocktails can also easily confuse you. To make things a little easier for those who will be attending their first therapy session here (and I say this in jest) let me help you out with a couple of my personal favourite recommendations. I sampled a drink named Kudos, which happens to be an exquisite fusion of cake whisky, almond syrup and coffee liqueur. This blend is then topped with a velvety coconut foam and a touch of aromatic coffee dust. For a playful experience, the Gummy Yummy is a fun concoction of sour candy-infused tequila, cranberry juice, popcorn syrup and a hint of oregano. Garnished with cheerful gummy bears, it's a whimsical drink that lets you revel in child-like joy, but with a little spirited fun. The Breakfast Martini featuring gin, triple sec, lemon juice and orange marmalade is refreshing to savour at any given time of the day, despites its name.

Now that we’ve tackled the drinks, let's move onto the biting. The food here is equally delightful, perfectly complementing the drinks. We opted for the Chicken Mezze Platter, which proved sufficient for our group of three. It featured hummus, muhammara, pita bread, crackers and chicken kebabs. The Chicken Popcorn here is a twist on the classic bar bite with a South Indian tadka. Among the popular bar snacks, the Kimchi Fries stood out, leaving a delightful umami aftertaste. Don't miss the saucy and spicy Chicken Wings, a perfect accompaniment to your dessert cocktails.

In summary, with its effortless and simple decor, quirky nomenclature and unique concept, Therapy Cocktail Bar brings to Khar a novel and fresh atmosphere while also being somewhat sentimental. And now that you more or less understand what can be expected here, we say don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of the most exciting therapy session you’ll ever undergo. Cheers!

Address: Ground Floor, 3rd Road, Ram Krishna Nagar, Khar West, Mumbai - 52

For Reservations: +91 91522 99284

Operational Timings: 12pm - 1:30am

Aayushi Vichare

Aayushi Vichare

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