Convenience or culinary education: decoding the hype that surrounds DIY food kits

Join us in our latest scoop where we attempt to understands the educational benefits of DIY food kits

Convenience or culinary education: decoding the hype that surrounds DIY food kits

No doubt we are currently living in an era of hyper-convenience, where nearly everything is readily available to us. Whether it's a fully prepared gourmet meal or a snazzy beverage that is customized down to the T, it can all be effortlessly delivered to our homes, thanks to the efficiency of various food aggregators, cloud kitchens, and delivery services. Should you crave a meticulously crafted three-course meal in the comfort of your home, the solution is simple – just tap on an app, and voila! Your desired meal will be delivered right to your doorstep.

Similarly, during the pandemic, as we were all forced to be in the confinement of our homes, another phenomenon gained immense popularity: DIY Food Kits. These kits came complete with pre-measured and pre-prepared ingredients, accompanied by easy-to-follow assembly instructions. While the majority of us utilized our time unearthing old recipes, these kits were really handy for amateurs and pros alike, given the fact that they too could prepare gourmet food with absolute ease. It was no longer necessary to be a seasoned chef to prepare exotic meals, since these food kits took care of everything, right from the ingredients to the recipe, while also doing their bit in educating their consumers on the nuances of preparing these meals.

It could be something as simple as a DIY Pizza Kit from Home Slice or a fancy Gourmet Make-It-Yourself Sushi Kit from Urban Platter, either way, food kits serve as an excellent tool for culinary education. They provide individuals with an opportunity to learn new recipes and cooking techniques. People can enhance their knife skills, learn about various cooking methods, and gain confidence in handling diverse ingredients. Over time, this hands-on experience contributes to a broader culinary skill set.

Many DIY food kits offer dishes from different cuisines, allowing users to explore and appreciate various cultures through their culinary traditions while also fostering cultural awareness and appreciation. A fine example of such a scenario could be the DIY Fajita Box from The Mexican Box which comes with gluten-free yellow corn masa tortillas, shredded cheese, sour cream, and Mexican rice. These are aptly supported by side acts like tangy tomato salsa, spicy salsa verde and pickled jalapenos for a piquant hit.

Another one of our favorite DIY food kit brands is The Home Chef. “At one point in time, everybody was trying to be a masterchef in their kitchen. And it was evident that many struggled to come up with a perfect dish that tasted like it was made at a restaurant. That’s where our DIY Pizza and Pasta Kits came in. We’d provide everything from chopped vegetables to pizza bases to make it easy for the end consumer and it was an instant hit. From there onwards we've tried our best at adding variety to our repertoire. This model has been working great internationally and through the lockdown it was a boon to many,’ is what Aditi Limaye Kamat, Founder of The Home Chef, had to say.

While this phenomenon worked supremely well for meals, the beverage space was not left far behind. Le Cafe in Chembur has on offer a DIY Cocktail Box that comes in handy while hosting house parties with a fancy cocktail bar menu. ‘After the pandemic, most people resorted to partying inside and arranging house parties. And quite naturally, everyone couldn't master the art of preparing cocktails. Even though most brands out there do sell pre-mixes today, we have a different concept of selling DIY Preservative-Free and freshly prepared cocktail premixes with real ingredients and garnishes that uplift a drink and the visuals together, said Ashesh L Sajnani, the founder of Le Cafe.

The growing popularity of DIY food kits reflects a broader interest in culinary exploration, and education, and a desire for convenient yet meaningful cooking experiences. The educational side of these kits goes beyond just preparing meals; it encompasses a holistic learning experience that contributes to skill development, cultural appreciation, and a deeper connection with the food we consume. They are invaluable pantry aids that take away the stress of shopping, cleaning, and chopping the ingredients and condiments for your favorite meal or snack, leaving you to create magic in the comfort of your very own kitchen.

Ananya Gandhi

Ananya Gandhi

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