Experience French amour ala Goa with Mademoiselle Boutique Hotel and Café

Indulge in the perfect blend of French luxury, coastal charm and gourmet dining with Goa’s most romantic boutique hotel

Experience French amour ala Goa with Mademoiselle Boutique Hotel and Café

If all things Paris awakens a spirit of wanderlust in you and somehow Netflix’s hit show Emily in Paris has given you the confidence that you could make it in the city of love then right before you go ahead and make those plans, maybe hold on a moment and experience the luxury of Paris in our very own sunshine state? Goa’s Mademoiselle Boutique Hotel & Café is a European-style hotel located in the quiet village of Assagao that effortlessly transports you to Emily’s world, where you can embark upon your own adventures. Should you choose to make this trip once you finish reading this piece, I promise you Mademoiselle is more than just another Goan getaway.

The brainchild of Ashish Dev Kapur—a renowned restaurateur, also responsible for the success of Antares Goa and Whisky Samba—Mademoiselle aims to bring a wave of innovation to Goa's existing hospitality scenario, offering a unique blend of French and Mediterranean experiences in a single location. From the charming pink facade of the building, to the playful dining affair thanks to the spinning carousel, every nook and corner of Mademoiselle feels like it's been picked right out of a fairy tale. The quaint florist and juice bar at the entrance have a certain quality, reminding me of the picturesque lanes of Paris (or at least what I have seen of Paris on a screen). As you read along you too will be carried away on a journey as I was, but that’s just the charm and grandiosity of Mademoiselle.

My favourite spot here definitely had to be the outdoor seating at the café, without a doubt. I definitely believe that I made optimal use of my time (hours, actually) indulging in sweet treats such as the cookies with a cup of coffee among others while taking in the serene surroundings and the soothing sounds of the fountains.

La Vie en Rose
At Mademoiselle's Mediterranean restaurant , you can truly live "La vie en rose", the life in pink, as the French would say. This beautiful alfresco Mediterranean restaurant takes you straight to the street-side eateries of Europe. Indulge in a range of European dishes that perfectly complement the Lebanese flavours of your mezze platter, or savour the meatiness of their delectable kebabs & grills. The gourmet dishes here are expertly prepared for your pleasure, with Italian flavours steeped into freshly made pastas, risottos and Neapolitan pizzas. The cozy, romantic French country atmosphere makes for the perfect evening out. And don't forget to try the FROZE, their signature frozen rose cocktail, which is pink, icy, and everything you could ask for on a hot summer evening.

The Executive Chef at Mademoiselle, Chef Megha Kohli—recipient of the Times Chef of the year 2020 and featured in Conde Nast Travellers 2020 list of 40 under 40 star chefs of India—has brought a sense of empowerment and feminine romanticism to the space and wants us to experience the essence of Parisian wine culture, artisanal offerings and playful dining at Mademoiselle's Mediterranean restaurant.

Quel régal
Café Mademoiselle is the newest addition to Goa's exhaustive list of chic cafes. The menu boasts a delectable selection of French delicacies, including Pain Perdu, flaky Croissant Sandwiches, and freshly baked croissants, breads, cookies, and cakes. Indulge your sweet tooth with their Baileys & Strawberry Tiramisu, which perfectly pairs with a steaming cup of coffee. Head Chef Pritika Pant and her team adds her magic touch to the cafe and bakery at Mademoiselle, making it a must-visit spot for the best breakfast in town. Don't forget to try their smoothies, crepes, waffles, pancakes, and more. You can also pamper yourself with their exquisite and customised made-to-order cakes. Plus, the café always has the popular "Mon Soleil" song from Emily in Paris playing in the background, creating the perfect atmosphere for a French-inspired meal.

Joie de vivre
Mademoiselle Boutique Hotel boasts 12 uniquely designed and uber-chic suites, each offering a distinct experience. These rooms are a perfect blend of comfort and luxury, making it an ideal retreat after a night of bar-hopping in North Goa. Maintaining a sync with the rest of the property, the pastel shades of the rooms and decor create a soothing ambience that helps you unwind and recharge for a new day full of fun and adventure.

What's more? Each room features a balcony bar, perfect for sipping breakfast mimosas on a lazy afternoon. Two rooms also have an enclosed balcony that offers privacy and a relaxing outdoor bath experience.

I had the pleasure of living in the Lavender Suite, which was a dreamy escape from the world. The room was tastefully adorned with soothing lavender tones and had all the amenities such as a beautiful living room and two balconies, definitely more than one could ask for. The balcony, which overlooked the charming lane of Assagao and made for a perfect spot to relax with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. What made my experience even more delightful was the impeccable hospitality. The staff here is warm, attentive and go out of their way to make you feel welcome and comfortable.

If you find yourself accidentally landing in Goa instead of Paris, don't be disappointed. Make your way to Mademoiselle Boutique Hotel & Café where you can experience French amour ala Goa. Make the best of living the sophisticated French lifestyle while also heading out to enjoy the energetic party scenes at Goa. Honestly, it’s a truly irresistible and wholesome two-in-one deal at Mademoiselle that you just cannot give up.

Address: Survey No. 90/3, Branch Post Office, Assagao, Near Village Panchayat, Goa, 403507
Contact: 91120 04853

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