From hot sauces to lip-smacking chutneys, it seems that condiments are here to roux-le your kitchen

Spice up your plate and palette with our recommended condiment brands

From hot sauces to lip-smacking chutneys, it seems that condiments are here to roux-le your kitchen

In the ever-evolving landscape of Indian cuisine, where spices reign supreme, a remarkable shift has occurred with the emergence of a diverse array of condiments. The resurgence of home cooking, fueled by a newfound enthusiasm in the wake of the pandemic, has given rise to a wave of innovative products designed to simplify the art of cooking. Among these, venerable brands like Native Tongue and Nomad Food Project have disrupted the scene with captivating condiments—think alubukhara preserve and bacon thechas, respectively. Simultaneously, a wave of fresh contenders are making waves by offering delectable options in spreads, pastes, and ready-to-cook sauces.

As we evolve with time to make life simpler and our food even more appetising, read along as we unveil seven condiment brands that won’t just enhance your pantry but revolutionise your cooking experience.

Founded with a rebellious spirit, Naagin aims to bring a modern twist to India's historic relationship with spices, challenging the dominance of conventional hot sauces. Recognizing the disconnect between India's spice-rich culture and the popularity of an American hot sauce made with Mexican chillies, Naagin seeks to offer an alternative.

What you must try: Smoky Bhoot and The 65

El Diablo
El Diablo Sauces claims to be India's most exciting sauce brand. And truly so, they stand out by creating absolutely unique and exciting sauces, crafted with the freshest ingredients and devoid of chemicals and preservatives, aiming to inspire people to add exotic flavours to their meals. In a way, El Diablo is committed to making a difference in your culinary experience.

What you must try: Kiwi Raw Papaya BBQ Sauce and Hot AF

Ishka Farms
Ishka Farms takes a sustainable approach to provide preserved organic spices while remaining environmentally sensitive. The result? Products like the Ishka Farms white kanthari hot sauce, a perfect blend of nostalgia and culinary innovation, with ingredients like green peppercorns, salt capers, and bird's eye chilli. Their organic products are definitely recommended, should you want to add a little spice to your gourmet cooking game, and in turn you’ll also be doing your bit for a sustainable planet by supporting them. It’s something of a two-birds-with-one-stone bargain!

What you must try: Caperberry Mustard and Kerala Hot Sauce

Not Just Hot
Saritha Hegde, a former senior vice president, embarked on a post-retirement culinary journey that led to the creation of Not Just Hot, an all-women team dedicated to delivering unique and flavorful products for a quick, easy, tasty, and healthy meal. This venture, launched during the pandemic, aims to fill the gap in the market for locally produced, hot (and spicy) and high-quality products. With spice mixes like Mothership's Spice Mixes invented by Dr. Indira Hegde, the brand sources raw materials directly from women and emphasises constant up-skilling.

What you must try: Massaman Curry Paste and Roasted Chilli Jam

MasterChow, a brand under Masterchow Foods Private Limited, is the brainchild of Vidur and Sidhanth that offers restaurant-style Asian food experience at home. The brand's unique personality and flavour-packed sauces have gained popularity across age groups. MasterChow is a homegrown brand committed to making home cooking easy, convenient, and delicious with a range of ready-to-cook Asian pantry staples.

What you must try: Chilli Oil and Kinky Korean

Chutney Collective
Chutney Collective (CC) has a simple goal: to highlight the deliciousness of Indian condiments, support local, and use quality ingredients. Producing chutneys and podis in small batches in Mumbai, CC celebrates the diverse chutneys found in different regions of India. Beyond being a delicious condiment, CC encourages you to view chutney as a marinade, a base for curries or sauces, a snack enhancer, and a mood lifter. It's not just a condiment; it's an enjoyable experience laced with nostalgia and intrigue.

What you must try: Ananas + Aam Kashundi and Watermelon Kokum Chunda

Saucery is an artisan brand that offers a natural range of spreads, dips and sauces free from chemicals, preservatives, artificial flavouring, or taste enhancers. The brand's premise is simple: when you eat natural, you're automatically eating healthy. Saucery ensures that every product is made with fresh and natural ingredients, combined in perfect ratios, and enhanced by a 'secret formula' that makes them long-lasting without the need for preservatives.

What you must try: Harissa and Black Pepper Stir Fry

Now that we’ve let you in on our recommendations of cooking condiments, may your kitchen be filled with the sizzle of creativity, the aroma of innovation, and the exquisite flavours that elevate every dish to a gourmet masterpiece. Happy cooking!

Natasha Kittur

Natasha Kittur

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