From stunning elixirs to food that makes you feel home, get ready for a nomadic experience

House of Nomad is all set to bring the far ends of the world on a single plate

From stunning elixirs to food that makes you feel home, get ready for a nomadic experience

In Goa, if you're on the hunt for a new spot to quench your thirst with artisanal cocktails and tantalise your taste buds with some Portuguese and Goan food, then look no further than House of Nomad at the Taj Holiday Village Resort & Spa in North Goa. The first page itself of House of Nomad’s menu reads, ‘a good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving’. So while you may treat House of Nomad as a pit stop before you continue your journey, be sure to make the most of your time at this fine gastropub.

As soon as you step into the gastro pub, you'll be greeted by the charming Indo-Portuguese architecture and stunning views of North Goa. And let's not forget about the cocktails. They have got you covered with their signature tipples divided into three categories: Community, Movement and Land and Locale.

With Community cocktails creating and nurturing a community of like-minded people is the highlight. It has Amber Snap, Plum & Malt and Smoky ‘Cin’. With Land and Locale they pay homage to the produce available at their disposal as well as the locals of Sinqurem. The Sinquerim Sour, No Sleep Nomad and Coco Loco are made with regional with kokum, coconut and curry leaves. Knowing that things are temporary and always changing, from one season to the next is what Movement is all about. It has The Time Traveler made with tequila, passion fruit purée, cheese whey water, lime.

This concept is also a great ice-breaker. If you're feeling adventurous, try the Mariposa or Ambrosia from the Movement menu, made with the most unexpected yet delicious ingredients like clarified watermelon feta tanqueray, basil foam, and butterfly pea tea infused tanqueray.

They have mini bites, salads and small plates to start with and also some old time favourites that sport the classics like fish and chips, mac and cheese and soft pork vindaloo ribs. We enjoyed their rich prawn curry with red rice. The presence of coconut milk gives the curry a distinct flavour while also making it creamy and rich, a dish any seafood lover will surely relish.

And don't even think about leaving without indulging in their Chocolate Stout Layered Cake. Trust us, it's the perfect sweet treat to cap off a boozy night!

House of Nomad gives you a guide to embrace your inner adventurer and let your wanderlust guide you. Don't be too focused on arriving at your destination, because you never know what delightful detours or serendipitous encounters might come your way. After all, we are familiar with the quote ‘It’s the journey that matters, not the destination’. And who knows, you might just end up having the time of your life.

Aayushi Vichare

Aayushi Vichare

Aayushi is that friend who won’t let you take a bite without capturing it. For her, the easiest but still thoughtful way of making someone feel special is by cooking or getting them their favourite food. Currently, she’s on an expedition to integrate all her favourites: food, social media and marketing, so that you don't miss the hottest spot in town and you know where to eat those crispy and juicy chicken wings.

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