Join our weekend breakfast club and access 5 of the best recipes out there

Weekends are for leisurely breakfasts, and we’ve got all the inspo right here

Join our weekend breakfast club and access 5 of the best recipes out there

Nothing else in the world can put you in a better mood than a big and beautiful breakfast, first thing in the morning. And while weekends are (and should be) about staying in bed just a little bit longer, this list of brekkie recipes is good enough to pull you out of that duvet. Start your day with a healthier version of the egg roll, treat yourself to gigantic pancakes, or go the extra mile and make our juicy French toast or fun chilli cheese eggs in a mason jar. Feeling spoilt for choice? We 100% intended that. Take a look.

Egg ragi paratha rolls

Made with a combination of ragi—or finger millet with health benefits galore—and whole-wheat atta, this egg roll is as good for a breakfast at home as it is for the school or office lunchbox. Pair it with a tall glass of freshly squeezed juice, tea or coffee and you're set.

Mini podi masala idli

While you certainly might not have the bandwidth for an early morning visit to an Udupi restaurant, there's no reason why you cannot recreate the experience at home. Prep the batter the night before and treat your family to a mega breakfast featuring the softest mini idlis doused in a piquant podi masala.

Honey cinnamon French toast

The thing with classics is that you can never go wrong with them. Be it a LBD at a big social gathering, or a French toast on a dewy weekend morning, both are sure-shot. Recreate our sweet, honey-laced and cinnamon-scented French toast at home and knock yourself out.

Whole-wheat banana choco-chip pancakes

We'd like to think that our whole-wheat and healthy banana pancake recipe is what Jack Johnson was singing about when he crooned, "Maybe we could sleep in; Make you banana pancakes; Pretend like it's the weekend now." Let it blast out of your speakers, as you sprinkle chocolate chips and love on our recipe. Then, watch folks at home lap it up.

Chilli cheese eggs

Chilli, cheese and eggs is an unbeatable combination and it just received a supernova makeover in our back-kitchen to become a breakfast-to-go in a jar. While this recipe is perfect for weekdays too, we suggest you make that leisurely weekend breakfast at home even more special by making this at home.

For more breakfast inspo, check out our Youtube channel's breakfast playlist, because you know, it's not called the king of meals for no reason.

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