Newly opened Bawri offers both khana to khatirdari, while celebrating Indian cuisine

Chef Amninder's menu weaves together her diverse heritage, featuring recipes and flavours from various regions of India.

Newly opened Bawri offers both khana to khatirdari, while celebrating Indian cuisine

Amidst the lively mosaic of Mumbai's culinary landscape, a fresh chapter emerges with the debut of Bawri in the bustling heart of BKC, Mumbai. Following a successful venture in the sun-kissed paradise of Goa, the excitement reaches new heights as this haven of traditional Indian culinary heritage establishes its presence in the bustling metropolis.

Designed by acclaimed interior designers Muninder Chowdhry and Vishakha Dholakia Chowdhry, the restaurant, spanning 4,500 sq. ft. and accommodating 130 guests, showcases a remarkable island bar at its centre. The space is embellished with rugs resembling tapestries and a wall inspired by Rajasthani baori (water reservoir), encapsulating the historic spirit of Jaipur.

“Bawri gives me a sense of fulfilment”, said Chef Amninder as the menu at Bawri serves as a narrative of her journey, featuring a compilation of cherished recipes and flavours inspired by her roots in Punjab, North-East India, and rural expeditions. Embodying a dedication to wholesome and nutritious cuisine, each dish is meticulously crafted using seed-free oils and ethically sourced ingredients. The culinary adventure at Bawri is a festivity of diverse flavours and textures, mirroring the rich and varied culinary tapestry of India.

What we tried
Coming to the most important part of the deal, we tried Chef Amninder’s top recommendations, starting with the Kohlrabi Salad, made with beetroot, pomelo, Kashmiri honey and pistachios, and moved on to Kakori Kebab, Yogurt Kebabs and Gucchi-stuffed Mushroom. A unique dish that we would recommend is their Gunpowder Paneer, a Manipuri black rice dosa filled with a stuffing reminiscent of paneer bhurji.

For our main course, we enjoyed a big spread of authentic Indian mains from across the country, starting from Bawri Butter Chicken, Dal Makhni, Mutton Nihari, Gutti Aloo which arrived with an assortment of bread, Sheermal, Bhakarkhani, Bawri Naan with red chilli and garlic and Seeded Amaranth Roti to Wild Mango Curry served with Idiyappam.

Drawing inspiration from India's native fruits and time-honoured infusion methods, the cocktail menu crafted by Tim Etherington-Judge entices captivating blends such as Amla Ki and Star Sour, enhancing the dining experience. Mohabbat ka Sherbat, a mild Gin-based cocktail—that borrows from Old Delhi’s famous rose drink—is a must-try here.

What worked
Desserts at Bawri are an expression of Chef Amninder's deep passion for authentic Indian sweets. We wrapped up our meal with the colossal Bawri Jamun topped with Rabdi and cherished every bite. And while you are at it, don’t forget to have a paan, made at their live paan station on your way out!

Embracing the welcoming tradition of rose petal showers and the use of a copper-hammered surai (a certain type of a pot) for handwashing, the experience invites you to savour the meal in authentic Indian fashion—by indulging with your hands. In a manner, Bawri urges you to go back to your roots while still appreciating modernity. Head over to Bawri to experience khatirdari in the true sense.

Address: Shop No. 5, Ground Floor, Ins Tower, G Block BKC, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400051
Contact for reservations: +91 9205100992

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