Rediscover the Bohemian spirit of Anjuna at Slow Tide, Goa

Come to Slow Tide for the spectacular view and stay for the extraordinary stories

Rediscover the Bohemian spirit of Anjuna at Slow Tide, Goa

In the days gone by, Anjuna was touted as every hippie’s favourite destination. It gained fame as an idyllic meeting point, drawing travellers from all over the world, to form bonds and effortlessly become a part of each other’s journey. While Goa largely still maintains that charm, much of the hippie life has been modified by changing times. From the décor and lively vibe to its mouth-watering menu, Slow Tide extends a coconut-palm framed invitation to reimagine and inhabit that exquisite lifestyle, even if its just for a while.

Good vibes and cozy décor
Slow Tide stands tall in place of San Francisco, one of the first beach shacks in Anjuna from the 60’s. Its direct access to the beach and elegant bamboo décor invites you to sit for hours. Separated into four distinct parts, you can decide which one takes your fancy. Read a book on the deck outside, sip tropical cocktails on the terrace, watch the sunset from a high-chair by the bar, or perhaps make your way to the hidden gem: an indoor dining area comprising a community table. Catch the golden hour out on deck as you watch people take a leisurely stroll on the beach and let the gentle sea breeze weave its way through palm leaves leaving you with a soothing melody orchestrated by nature.

Sip and taste
Now that we talk about their food, their menu is filled with stories. I was drawn to their signature cocktail menu where each drink is named after an original hippie and their famous escapades. For instance, the Acid Erik with its tequila base fused with refreshing flavours like watermelon and yuzu, is just way too delicious to miss. But the presentation is even better! A clear square glass, a block of ice, topped with a playful caricature on a blotter paper. Or you can try an Anturo—nicknamed The French Connection—with an intriguing blend of celery Scotch, mint, lime and fresh green apple juice. The Berlin Peter was another winner, invigorating kokum tequila with kokum bitters brought together with delicious ganga jamuna juice. In the small plates, I recommend the Moringa Fritters with Pumpkin Salsa. Fresh, crisp and just the right touch of tang makes it unmissable. The Pollo Asado, or Mexican Grilled Chicken with sweet potato and Catalonia Broccoli pair perfectly with an Amsterdam Dave—a lemon balm gin with muskmelon cordial and beet dust. In the mains, try something new with the Spiced Pineapple Curry, while the Chocolate Mousse Cake for dessert is a tasty treat.

The ambience is breezy, the food delectable, the sunset a new wonder every day. If you want to rediscover the spirit of camaraderie in the original melting pot that is Goa, you need to add Slow Tide to your list!

Tarvene Shahpuri

Tarvene Shahpuri

Tarvene is a chocolate and chai fiend who is constantly on the hunt for cute cafes. You can catch her baking some Biscoff cheesecakes or binge-watching Netflix shows. She likes filling up her free time painting, listening to music or going on long drives.

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