Spice up your meal at Gigi: a celeb-approved fusion of Japanese and European delights in Mumbai

Amidst the glitz and glamour of Mumbai, Gigi stands as a culinary destination, attracting Bollywood's A-listers with its exquisite fusion cuisine and flavours

Spice up your meal at Gigi: a celeb-approved fusion of Japanese and European delights in Mumbai

Gigi is the newest buzz in Bandra, and it's not just a meaningless, short-lived hype, but rather the real deal. With a team led by Michelin restaurant-trained chef Beena Noronha, this restaurant promises fantastic Japanese-European dishes that are both delicious and stylish. Created by the masterminds behind popular places like Eve, Kyma, Demy and Kaia; Founders Dhaval Udeshi, Afsana Verma, Nikita Harisinghani and Pawan Shahri give us a flavourful experience that goes beyond just a meal. Gigi's cool vibe and delicious mix of Japanese-European dishes makes it a go-to spot for Bollywood insiders. Whether you're into aromatic sushi rolls or tasty European treats, Gigi's got something for every palate.

Gigi is a fancy place in Mumbai, spread over two floors, spanning across a huge 6,000 sq.ft. area. The design is all about feeling grand and cozy, with warm colours and a British club vibe. The co-owner, Nikita Harisinghani, made sure the architecture and details create a special atmosphere. Upstairs, while it almost feels like you are in a cool club, at the same time the vibe here is also super comfy, almost like as if you were hanging out in someone's living room. The space is adorned by beautiful furniture, fabrics and lots of candles to make it all feel rich and inviting. The private dining areas are especially elegant, dotted with flowers and beautiful chandeliers.

What we tried
Gigi doesn't just excel in ambience, the drinks receive high praise as well. The cocktails are expertly crafted by the skilled mixologist Nikhil Shinde, offering a blend of sophistication and flair. We tried their Community Prosecco Paloma and Gigi’s take on a Margarita, infused with wasabi and mezcal. For appetisers, we sampled their Dragon Roll Sushi, Chicken Gyoza and Mushroom Phyllo Cups. For mains we ordered their Kohitsuji Udon Bowl and Edamame Yaki Meshi Rice Bowl.

What worked
We highly recommend the Dragon Roll which packs a prawn tempura with avocado, habanero sauce and sriracha. Gigi’s Chicken Gyoza’s are bite-sized delights that's sure to satisfy your taste buds. We also enjoyed the Kohitsuji Udon Bowl, a tasty mix of lamb and udon noodles. The cocktails were crisp, smooth and enjoyable, just as cocktails should be.

The food at Gigi is a delightful fusion of flavours, offering a satisfying blend of Japanese and European cuisine. Paired with their cocktails, which are both refreshing and well-crafted, Gigi promises a fantastic experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Address: 14th Rd, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050
DM for reservations: instagram.com/gigibombay

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