Unveiling an array of coastal delights from across the globe, Coast & Bloom emerges as the latest culinary gem in Mumbai

Take your love for seafood and coastal cuisine up a notch and dive into a gastronomic odyssey at Coast & Bloom, where the essence of the sea meets the warmth of traditional recipes

Unveiling an array of coastal delights from across the globe, Coast & Bloom emerges as the latest culinary gem in Mumbai

Nestled amidst the vibrant streets of Dadar stands the bustling Kohinoor mall, now a hub for activity and excitement. Within this bustling centre, Coast & Bloom is a restaurant boasting delectable coastal food. This immersive dining experience celebrates the artistry of coastal cuisines from around the globe - from the shores of Kokan to California and from Malabar to Amalfi.

Mitra Walke, the man behind Chaitanya and Nav Chaitanya—the popular seafood restaurants—came up with the idea for Coast & Bloom with the aim of keeping things real, clean, clear, local, and empowering, while bringing forth all that he has learned through Coast & Bloom’s sister brands. The restaurant's enchanting venue, designed by Nishant Umesh Desai, transports guests into a realm of coastal charm. Step into a bright and uncomplicated setting adorned with sea murals on the walls, a cosy place with calming vibes. The gentle swaying fabrics and glowing jute chandeliers make it a soothing spot. Featuring two private dining spaces, it aims to also be a perfect spot for family gatherings.

What we tried
I think we can all agree that we all have our own checklists to determine if a restaurant will make it to our ‘good restaurants’ list. And while the ambience of Coast & Bloom was more than we could imagine, it’s time to decode the food. We started our meal with the Crab Kakori, for the simple fact that it sounded interesting. Call it human whimsy or plain curiosity, but we were glad that’s how we started our meal. As the name suggests, this dish sported kneaded crab meat grilled in the tandoor for a few minutes and served on a plate of pickled onions with different condiments featuring ingredients like kiwi and an in-house hot sauce. We then moved on to trying their Boneless Tandoori Pomfret. The fish was marinated and cooked to perfection and probably the only instance where I’d suggest you judge the book by its cover (of the fish by its image).

The Malabar fish curry, a seafood lover's dream, was what made its way to our table next, cooked in the typical Kerala-style with creamy coconut milk and flavourful Indian spices. The rich colour and earthy taste made for a great curry which was well accompanied with some hot appams. The service was impeccable and the staff here was attentive and courteous.

Final verdict
It would be an understatement to say that Coast & Bloom wowed us. If I had to find a metaphor that’s more apt, I’d say coming across this restaurant was like finding a box of treasures on a coast. Coast & Bloom does not shy away from showing off their delicacies all prepared to perfection, while at the same time also being humble enough to remember their roots and where all the bounty comes from.

Tarvene Shahpuri

Tarvene Shahpuri

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