We're not kidding when we say that these 5 dishes are perfect Navratri treats for your little one

To make your vrat a little easier, here are a few yum recipes, especially handpicked for children

Were not kidding when we say that these 5 dishes are perfect Navratri treats for your little one

Only majama scenes here because Navratri is right around the corner. While the adults have a separate set of responsibilities during the auspicious festival, we often see kids left out of the programme. This year, include them in your activities and cook up vrat-friendly dishes that are bonafide, plus exciting for children too. Check out our list for cues.

Sabudana khichdi

A much sought after Marathi breakfast, this recipe is going to be your kid's best friend. Made with tapioca pearls, whole spices, roasted peanuts, potatoes and curry leaves, it is not only filling but is also light on the gut.

Dried fruit milkshake

Easy to make, easier to slurp off, this dried-fruit milkshake can be churned in under a minute. Filled with the goodness of almonds, cashews and walnuts, this rich protein milkshake will act as an instant energy booster for the little ones.

Multigrain ladoo

Watch this video to give a super healthy upgrade to your regular ladoo. Made with moong dal, sesame seeds, rice, dalia and jaggery, it is stacked with nutrients and is going to provide you and your kiddo with tons of energy throughout the festive season.

Aloo tikki

This quick and easy recipe takes hardly 10 minutes to make and is everyone's favourite snack. Make a batch for your kids in the evening or for a filling dinner with a side of curd or chutney to go with it.

Makhana halwa

Known for its endless health benefits, makhana or fox nuts halwa is our current favourite. The answer to all your sweet cravings, it is an amazing alternative every time your kids ask for dessert this Navratri.

Try out these recipes and let us know which dish the kiddos preferred the most.

Shreyasee Ghosh

Shreyasee Ghosh

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