5 lovely dishes that definitely deserve a spot in your Onam sadya

From traditional sambhar to palada pradhaman, we got it all covered

5 lovely dishes that definitely deserve a spot in your Onam sadya

Onam is a 10-day grand harvest festival celebrated in the South of India. What makes it so special is the Onam Sadhya, which is a traditional multi-course meal, featuring over 25 dishes, all laid out on a large banana leaf.

Add these five delicious recipes to your Onam Sadhya.


No Onam Sadhya is complete without this dish. Although each household has its own recipe, we bring you our own take on the traditional staple. Made with fresh homemade masala mix, tamarind water, vegetables, and cooked lentils, this sambhar is a true winner. Pair it with freshly made steamed rice and enjoy.


Onam Sadhya includes a lot of vegetable dishes. We made kalan, a signature dish featuring yam, banana, yoghurt, and flavoured coconut paste. It's a humble dish to add to your grand Onam meal.


A delicious curry, olan is made with ash gourd, cow beans, and a generous amount of coconut milk, that makes it so rich. Definitely try this coconut-y curry to make your Onam Sadhya rich and extravagant.

Pazham pradhaman

Pazham pradhaman is a heavenly sweet dish made with banana, jaggery, coconut milk, and spices. It is the most desired dish on the menu and now you can try making it yourself with this easy recipe.

Shakkara varatti

Along with sambhar, veggies, and desserts, sides are also an integral part of the Onam Sandhya. Shakkara varatti is a sweeter version of deep-fried banana chips that are made using jaggery syrup. This sweet snack will surely leave you wanting more long after Onam is over.

Make your Onam celebrations more festive by trying these traditional Sadhya recipes and let us know which one you liked best.

Afreen Shaikh

Afreen Shaikh

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