We created a makeshift restaurant for India's best chef, right here, in our conference room

We created a makeshift restaurant for Indias best chef, right here, in our conference room

It's not everyday that you get to cook with some of the best chefs in the country. And so, we planned and planned until we ensured a steady supply of good food in our office pantry when we invited chefs like Ranveer Brar, Shahzan Husain and Prateek Sadhu to our kitchen. But truth be told, the highlight was wrapping up Chaats of India Season 2, a marquee show under our sister-brand Tastemade India's banner (yes, it's coming back). Our last guest on the set was celebrated chef Manish Mehrotra, and it was only fitting to give him a taste of our hospitality. And so, we converted our conference room into a pop-up restaurant!

Over tightly-packed summer rolls and creamy vegan curries ordered in, we discussed the future of cloud kitchens, veganism and Indian-fusion food. More on the show as we get closer to it's release this festive season.

On a positive note, Mumbai has opened again. Which makes your girl dream again about brunching around salad-filled sunlit tables, community-brunches and exchanging notes on food trends over strong negronis almond milk lattes. My first stop was the newly opened Subko Coffee's multi-faceted roastery, bakery and retail space The Craftery, Byculla. Our Digital Marketing Specialist Tarvene Shahpuri reviews the space and shares all the dope for you. More coffee ideas in this piece by Junior Writer Samika Aurora. She draws an intriguing inference to tell you which celebrity you're most like based on your Starbucks order.

This month, our Food Editor and in-house snacking queen Suman Quazi's latest episode of Word of Mouth is out too. She puts to test four healthy snacks discovered from the world of online shopping only to come back to Lay's chips. You can watch it to find out which ones passed the litmus test, or if any did at all. Don't ask me, I told her to simply eat a fruit.

I'm ending this letter on a sweet, sweet note. Twelve-year-old Advika's healthy brownie recipe is a total winner because it literally shows you how to make your cake and eat it too.

Sonal Ved

Sonal Ved


Sonal Ved is the editor at IFN. She is also an author of an award-winning cookbook called Tiffin. She travelled through the first five tastes to be able to tell between a brie and provolone dolce. She can make stellar undhiyu and a green smoothie.

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