With the end of Maggi’s Apna Food Business second campaign, take a look at our top 10 finalists

10 empowered women express how this platform has turned their dreams into reality

With the end of Maggi’s Apna Food Business second campaign, take a look at our top 10 finalists

Maggi first launched the Apna Food Business campaign in 2020, amid the global pandemic, as a way to empower women to fulfil their dreams of starting their own food channels in the multi-channel network space. Inspired by the success of the inaugural season and the overwhelming response from participants, Maggi relaunched the campaign to once again provide a platform for women, offering them the technical expertise to start their own food channels and kickstart their careers in the food industry. Now, in the final stages of the campaign, we have a shortlist of 10 passionate women who have worked tirelessly to reach this point and show immense potential to make a significant impact with their dedication and talent.

Scroll further to know about these women and their experience with Maggi Apna Food Business.

Shailaja Nair: Shailaja, an award-winning journalist and author, started a food blog called Chills & Chillies after a 100-day cooking challenge. 'The Maggi Apna Food Business campaign has been a seamless and educational experience,' Shailaja says. 'It helped me understand the nuances of content creation and provided me with the tools to strategize my business plan. I’m thrilled to be in the final 10 and look forward to taking my passion forward through a YouTube channel.'

Trashika D’sena: Trashika D’sena, a self-taught home baker from Mumbai, has found the Apna Food Business campaign incredibly rewarding, claiming that every step was a lesson in learning and resilience. Trashika shares, 'Winning the competition has not only boosted my confidence but also opened new doors to exciting opportunities. It's been a transformative experience that has fueled my passion for culinary arts and entrepreneurship.'"

Ashneet Kaur Anand: Ashneet Kaur Anand, a pastry chef and passionate home baker from Mumbai, specialises in eggless baking and workshops for kids and adults under her brand, Ashi's Creations. 'Winning the Apna Food Business contest has given me clarity and confidence in growing my home business,' Ashneet says. 'The sessions on YouTube, social media trends and business planning were invaluable, and I can’t wait to apply my learnings and grow my business.'

Vandana Jain: Vandana Jain runs an eggless home bakery named Cake Sapphire in Gurugram, offering customised desserts and corporate gifting solutions. 'The Maggi Apna Food Business campaign helped me understand the deeper nuances of content creation,' Vandana explains. 'While strategizing my business plan was stressful, it allowed me to introspect and use the knowledge from the workshops to prioritise. I'm elated to be part of the top 10 finalists.'"

Sophia Machado: Sophia Machado, a mother of two and a home chef, creates content focused on happy and wholesome recipes. 'The Maggi Apna Food Business campaign has been surreal and immensely educational,' Sophia shares. 'This journey taught me how to maintain consistency, optimise content and understand market needs. The mentorship session with Kabita Ma’am was particularly inspiring and winning has given me the confidence to achieve my dreams.'

Pinky Daswani: Pinky Daswani from Pune is passionate about making chocolates and all things sweet. 'The Maggi Apna Food Business campaign gave me the wind beneath my wings,' Pinky says. 'This program boosted my confidence to take my passion to a much higher and bigger scale. Being among the top 10 finalists makes me feel on top of the world.'

Sheetal Pednekar: Sheetal describes her participation in the Maggi Apna Food Business campaign as a transformative experience that blended culinary creativity with entrepreneurial spirit. 'The campaign provided me with invaluable business training, marketing strategies, and culinary tips,' she says. 'The mentorship from industry experts refined my business concept and strategies, making this journey incredibly rewarding.'

Priyanka Kundu Biswas: Priyanka Kundu Biswas, a cake artist and semi-finalist in MasterChef India Season 7, is known for her mind-blowing desserts. 'The Maggi Apna Food Business campaign has been a remarkable journey,' Priyanka explains. 'It provided me with invaluable insights into the content creation industry and helped me refine my business strategies. I’m excited to apply these learnings to grow my business.'

Benisha Martin: Benisha Martin, originally from Pune and now based in Hyderabad, launched Benz Iced Cookies in 2019. 'The Maggi Apna Food Business campaign helped me overcome my fears of increasing my digital presence,' Benisha shares. 'The mentors provided detailed knowledge and simple steps that clarified all my doubts. Being a part of the top 10 is a blessing, and I'm excited to start a YouTube page to highlight my designs and creative process.'

Shreya Rao: A digital creator with an IG feed filled with delicious recipes, honest recommendations and all things food and indulgence, Sherya Rao is thrilled to be a part of the top ten winners of the contest. ‘The past few months have been inspiring and fulfilling, given the seminars and webinars. The journey ahead will be challenging, but I am sure my learnings will help me make all of my dreams come true,’ said Shreya Rao.

Natasha Kittur

Natasha Kittur

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