A night to remember at Villa Bistro's Italian extravaganza

Experience an unforgettable evening of delectable Italian cuisine with Chef Matteo Arvonio's exceptional 4-course meal.

A night to remember at Villa Bistros Italian extravaganza

Italian wine and dine is a time-honoured tradition that has captivated foodies and wine enthusiasts all over the world. Italy boasts an exquisitely diverse cuisine, from regional pastas to fresh seafood and meat plates, and of course it is imperative to talk about the variety of indigenous wines available here. The combination of delectable food and world-class wine is what sets the Italian cuisine apart, with each dish being carefully paired with a wine that elevates the flavours and inturn, the overall dining experience. The Villa Bistro's Italian Extravaganza with Chef Matteo Arvonio was an unforgettable dining experience that I will remember for a long time. The restaurant's ambience, with its unique combination of Parsi Gara embroidery and Dior's Toile de Jouy animal patterns, created a breathtaking setting for the evening. The alfresco seating, live artists and performances and the ornate water fountain standing tall in the midst of it all added to the enchanting atmosphere of the event.

Chef Matteo's 4-course meal was an outstanding feast, showcasing his 25 years of expertise in perfecting regional Italian dishes. The menu offered an assortment of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options with some of the highlights being the amuse bouche of "Gnudi" of asparagus and ricotta, gazpacho sauce, parmesan tuile. The antipasto course for the evening offered two delicious options to choose from: a Prawn Ceviche, which was a delightful mix of fresh, succulent prawns, topped with creamy avocado sauce, candied tomatoes, and crispy quinoa; and the Burrata, which I must say, was the creamiest and the best I have had in a long time. It was accompanied by a rich, creamy avocado sauce, candied tomatoes, and crispy quinoa.

The burrata was fresh, soft and had a delicate flavour, which blended perfectly with the other ingredients and the quinoa added a nice crunch to the dish. For primo we had risotto, a traditional Italian dish made with arborio rice, broth with vegetables or meat and cheese. It is a creamy and flavorful dish with a slightly al dente texture. Regarding the roasted pumpkin risotto with pecorino cheese, mushroom guazzetto, and pistachio, it is an excellent example of a well-executed risotto dish. The roasted pumpkin adds a sweet and earthy flavour to the rice while the pecorino cheese adds a salty and sharp note to the dish. The mushroom guazzetto gives a deep, umami flavour to the risotto, and the pistachio adds a nice crunch and nutty taste. For main course we relished a slow-cooked chicken breast stuffed with duck and caramelised spring onion, paired with an impressive passito wine. For our vegetarian folks, they served a lasagna with zucchini, eggplant and smoked provola parmigiana plated with spinach pesto. When it comes to presentation, both the dishes were beautifully arranged on the plate, making it even more appealing.

Dolce, or dessert, is an important part of Italian cuisine and culture. It is often seen as a way to celebrate and indulge, and is typically enjoyed at the end of a meal with a cup of espresso. We enjoyed a Gianduja Chocolate Mousse with hazelnut crumble and grappa scented zabaglione. A decadent and sinful dessert that perfectly captures the essence of Italian dolce. The rich and creamy mousse was complemented by the crunchy hazelnut crumble, and the grappa-infused zabaglione adds a subtle kick of alcohol to the dish. A well-balanced dessert that isn't overly sweet, making it the perfect end to a rich meal.

The wine pairings, hand-picked by Luca Bernardini, a consultant at the Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IICCI), added an extra layer of sophistication to the evening. The mix of Indian and Italian wines complemented each dish, adding sweet and bubbly notes to each dish as we progressed. The Casablanca White Sparkling Wine, paired with the amuse bouche, had a bright and refreshing taste with a pleasant sour after-taste. The Casablanca Rose Sparkling Wine, paired with the antipasto, had a fruity and floral aroma with balanced sweet-and-sour notes that complemented the flavours of the Burrata and Prawn Ceviche. The wine's acidity helped cut through the creaminess of the Burrata and the richness of the Prawn Ceviche, creating a harmony of flavours on your palate. The Frescobaldi Pian Di Remole Bianco White Wine, paired with the Primo had a crisp and refreshing taste with a light citrus flavour that complemented the Roasted Pumpkin Risotto. The Pasqa Montepulciano D'Abruzzo, paired with the secondo, had a deep red colour and a rich taste. A night to remember at Villa Bistro's Italian extravaganza

The evening had in store a number of live performances and entertainment, which definitely is worthy of mention. Each artist and performance ensured a captivating atmosphere throughout the evening, blending in well with the overall wine and dine experience.

The Italian Extravaganza at Villa Bistro was an outstanding event and beautifully hosted. The stunning location, the exquisite food, the perfect wine to go with your meal, and the captivating entertainment made for a truly unforgettable evening. For those who are unable to attend the exclusive Wine Dinner on 10th February, 2023, Villa Bistro at Della Resorts will be offering the special 4-course menu until 20th February, 2023. This is a wonderful opportunity for those who wish to experience the unique and exquisite flavours of Italy, and relish the culinary delights crafted by Chef Matteo.

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