Exploring the sober curiosity movement and the health-conscious trend with the soaring popularity of seltzers

Join us in a conversation with Vamsi Krishna, Co-founder and CMO of Spyk Hard Seltzers, as we unleash the true potential of these fruity effervescent drinks

Exploring the sober curiosity movement and the health-conscious trend with the soaring popularity of seltzers

In recent years, a new star has emerged in the world of beverages: the effervescent and refreshing seltzer. With the rise of the sober curiosity movement and an increasing focus on health-conscious choices, seltzers have captured the attention of consumers seeking alternatives to alcoholic drinks, even with the Indian market still being in its early stages of adoption. To explore the rising trends of hard seltzers and why it seems to be booming, we got in touch with Vamsi Krishna, the Co-founder of Spyk Hard Seltzers, India’s first brewed hard seltzers.

‘My partner & I wanted to introduce India to this great product, after witnessing the seltzer storm in USA. With more than 50% of India’s population being under the age of 35, we believed that this truly millennial product had immense potential in the market’, said Mr. Krishna.

The sober curiosity movement, which encourages individuals to explore a life without alcohol or to consume it more mindfully, has gained significant traction in recent years, given that after the pandemic, health and conscious consumption has taken precedence over everything else. When we talk about beverages, individuals now seem to prefer alcohol-free alternatives that still offer a satisfying and enjoyable experience, which is made clearly evident in the barrage of artisanal non-alcoholic drinks introduced by both novel brands as well as old-players like Heineken and Kingfisher. For those who are actively looking for low or zero ABV (Alcohol By Volume) drinks, this is where seltzers shine, providing a bubbly and flavorful alternative and delivering a refreshing sensation at the same time.

When we asked Mr. Krishna, how has Spyk managed to stay ahead of the curve, he said, ‘for a nascent market like India, we’ve noticed a few trends when it comes to beverages and have incorporated this insight in our range of products. India is still picking up slowly, but it is quite evident that our consumers prefer bold and exotic flavours like dragon fruit, hibiscus, and so on. Fruit-infused hard seltzers have also been popular for a while now. The innovations include blending fruits and adding botanicals for a unique flavour. And of course, cocktail-inspired seltzers that are inspired by the classics such as margaritas, mojitos and cosmopolitans, have become a popular choice, owing to the fact that they offer a lower alcohol content and fewer calories than traditional mixed drinks’.

One of the key factors contributing to the surge in seltzer popularity is their health-conscious appeal. Unlike sugary sodas or alcoholic beverages, seltzers are low-calorie and sugar-free alternatives. They contain natural flavours, no artificial sweeteners and are typically gluten-free making them suitable for those with dietary restrictions. ‘There has been a steady shift in consumer preferences toward low-calorie and low-sugar beverages. As health and wellness become increasingly important to consumers, traditional alcoholic beverages, which are often high in calories and sugar, slowly seem to be losing their appeal. Hard seltzers offer a low calorie and carb count and seem to be just the right choice, appealing to this new generation of active, health-conscious consumers’, added Vamsi Krishna.

Seltzers have not only become a popular choice for those abstaining from alcohol but have also made their way into mixology and bar spaces. ‘Spyk Hard Seltzer is not just another alcoholic beverage, it’s a revolution in the making made for the modern, playful and conscious consumer who wants to enjoy a delicious beverage without compromising on their health’, is what Mr. Krishna had to say about his brainchild, Spyk Hard Seltzers. And truly so, the trends also show that seltzers, thanks to their diverse flavours and effervescence, create innovative and enticing mocktails. The versatility of seltzers allows for endless possibilities in crafting unique and refreshing beverages, appealing to a wider range of patrons.

With their bubbly nature, positive implications on health, providing a guilt-free, hydrating, and enjoyable beverage experience, seltzers have solidified their position as a preferred choice for those seeking a balanced and sober lifestyle. With the rising popularity of seltzers, it's clear that this effervescent trend is here to stay, reshaping the way we socialise and enjoy refreshing beverages. And honestly, we aren't complaining at all!

Natasha Kittur

Natasha Kittur

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