Make the best out of this festive season, right here in the heart of Mumbai at Westin, Powai

From green landscapes and therapeutic spas to mouth-watering food and a big fat nap, Westin checks all the boxes this holiday season

Make the best out of this festive season, right here in the heart of Mumbai at Westin, Powai

With less than a fortnight to mark the end of 2022, we bet everyone is planning out their holidays and the best way to spend New Year's Eve. While some like a big gala, spending the holidays with near and dear ones or in solitude, enjoying one's own company, I have a suggestion that strikes the ultimate balance of everything.

Westin, Powai, is surrounded by the serene Powai lake in Mumbai and can be just the place for you to celebrate holidays. Even though it is situated right in the middle of the city it is still an escape from the hustle and chaos of Mumbai. And at this time of the year, all we want to do is unwind and reflect. And what better spot than a place that exudes luxe and the calmness of nature?

This sprawling structure ensures you have the best of everything in one place. If you have even an inkling of difficulty navigating your stay, let me help you by listing down things you can do in and around the property so that you get the holiday you deserve.

Relax at the spa
With all the hard work and efforts you've put in this year, you deserve to be spoilt and pampered. The heavenly spa at Westin will be sure to relax you, washing away all the stress that comes along with the daily routine. They have nine treatment rooms where you can benefit from their signature therapies. Built in a cosy corner of the building it is a despite place to calm and relax your nerves.

Revel in the solitude of your room
Who doesn't like soft hotel beds, some much-needed me time and delicious room service? You are free to do anything you like in the four walls of your room. Gaze at the pretty lake, order scrumptious food from Lake View Cafe, watch your favourite movie or just get cosy and sleep all day long. All the rooms here are equipped with world-class amenities and a great view of the landscape.
PS: The glass bottles, in place of the usual plastic ones, in the room definitely caught my attention.

Where to feast during the holiday season?
Westin has three functional restaurants. Lake View Café, where you can enjoy a breakfast buffet or order a la carte, depending on your mood and taste buds. Just adjacent to it is the grand Nawab Saheb where you can step in if your heart calls for Indian food. The décor and the food here scream royalty and will definitely make you feel like a Nawab. For all the lovers of the Orient, they have Mayouchi. From sushi and poke bowls to fried chicken the menu here is riddled with Asian flavours that are simply hard to resist. Needless to say, your stay at Westin will be a culinary treat. And with the holidays around the corner, they do have Christmas-themed goodies that you should be sure to check out!

Take a walk amidst nature
With the lush greenery surrounding the property, if you don't feel like doing a lot or just being by yourself, take a walk in their lawn or around the property. Sometimes the simplest things can bring great joy and this is a similar instance. The property comprises of a pool surrounded by trees where you can take a dip or bathe in the sunshine in this pleasant weather. If you are a gym enthusiast, they have a fully functional gym. And the one thing that brings all of this together and makes it so special has to be the lake and the quaintness of the place.

With multiple things to do around, you can make your itinerary and enjoy a relaxing holiday here. And Westin's hospitality will make you feel like you are at home away from home. And the cherry atop this much-needed break is that your new year resolution can most definitely be inspired by the brand's motto: Eat well, sleep well and move well.

Happy Holidays!

Aayushi Vichare

Aayushi Vichare

Aayushi is that friend who won’t let you take a bite without capturing it. For her, the easiest but still thoughtful way of making someone feel special is by cooking or getting them their favourite food. Currently, she’s on an expedition to integrate all her favourites: food, social media and marketing, so that you don't miss the hottest spot in town and you know where to eat those crispy and juicy chicken wings.

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