Our recommended list of 7 mixers for the most memorable cocktail party of 2023

From fruity flavours and herbaceous mixers to old and trusted tipples, this list is your go-to for the ultimate year-end party

Our recommended list of 7 mixers for the most memorable cocktail party of 2023

New Year’s Eve - that one perfect excuse to simply let loose one last time before the year ends. Because once we get together on the night of 31st December, everything else just fades to be a problem that we’ll deal with in the new year, am I correct? So if you’ve got similar plans this year-end, let us help you forget the stressful blues of the current year, the right way. Host the most inviting cocktail party this year, as we help you craft the perfect concoctions with our curated list of recommended mixers, taking your New Year’s party and the overall experience to the next level.
The key to a stellar cocktail party lies not only in the spirits you choose but also in the art of mixing. The right mixers can turn a good cocktail into a great one, leaving your guests raving about your bartending prowess. Whether you're a seasoned mixologist or a casual party host, these carefully selected mixers will add a touch of magic to your gatherings.

If you enjoy experimenting with your cocktails, Bartisans is the ideal companion for you. While the brand provides traditional mixers such as mojito, margarita, and whisky sour, what sets them apart is their array of distinctive flavour combinations like tamarind and orange, spiced rose, saffron marigold, and more. Enhance your margarita experience by combining their smoked pineapple and basil cocktail mixer with tequila – a delightful creation you'll appreciate.

Blind Gilt
Blind Gilt, a recent addition to the cocktail mixers market, is meticulously crafted by the minds behind The Dram Club, a platform dedicated to appreciating spirits, showcasing their expertise in the field. Take, for example, the Paloma, a blend that intertwines the zesty notes of grapefruit with the sweetness of hibiscus. Combine it with tequila, ice and soda for the ultimate tipple. If gin is more to your liking, pair it with Blind Gilt's basil splash, accompanied by ample ice; and for an extra burst of herbaceous flavour, be sure to muddle in some fresh basil leaves.

Jimmy’s Cocktails
Curated by some of India's foremost mixologists, Jimmy's Cocktails presents a selection of mixers designed to elevate your home cocktail experience to professional bar standards. Whether your cravings lean towards a Bloody Mary, a Cosmo, or a Margarita, they have you covered. Notably, the brand has recently introduced a Gin Cherry Sour in partnership with Greater Than, India's inaugural craft gin. Formulated with Turkish cherries, limes, and ginger, this vibrant mixer, crafted by master mixologist Yangdup Lama, can be effortlessly blended with ice and gin to produce a well-balanced cocktail suitable for any season.

Lazy Cocktails & Co.
True to its moniker, Lazy Cocktails & Co. simplifies the cocktail-making process—simply pour their mixers over ice and enhance with your preferred spirit. Crafted with real fruit juice, these mixers are available in exciting variations like Elderflower Rose Spritzer (a fantastic drink when paired with gin) Passion Fruit Ginger Martini, Jalapeno Margarita, and Zero-Sugar Mojito.

Named after the Marathi word for "to pour" and drawing inspiration from the Sanskrit term meaning "to infuse," Ōtaṇē presents a collection of infusion mixes tailored for the adventurous spirits. Take, for instance, Glorified Indigo, featuring rosemary, butterfly pea, lavender, and more, perfect for infusion with gin. Alternatively, there's Laidback Scarlet, incorporating dried cranberries, roselle leaves, ginger, and star anise, suitable for infusion with either gin or vodka.

As a trailblazer in the Indian-produced tonic waters sector, Svami presents an array of mixers, including various tonic waters (regular, flavoured, and low-calorie), Ginger Ale, Salted Lemonade, and 2-Cal Cola. The Salted Lemonade stands out as a delightful standalone beverage or an excellent mixer for crafting a revitalizing drink. Alternatively, you can indulge in the Breakfast Highball—a concoction developed by their brand ambassador Jatin Waingankar— that blends whisky, orange marmalade, lime juice, and ice and finishes it off with Svami ginger ale for a refreshing twist.

Bombucha presents a trio of enticing ginger ale variations, comprising Original Ginger Ale, Lavender with Basil Seeds, and Chamomile with Basil Seeds, ensuring a delightful choice for every palate. In addition to these, the Mumbai-based brand boasts a selection of other delectable options worth exploring, including Kombucha and Coconut Water Kefir. Particularly noteworthy is how these two options can seamlessly enhance your vodka or gin, allowing you to craft delicious cocktails in the comfort of your home.

We promise these mixers are going to be a big hit at your New Year bash this year!

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