10 homegrown crockery brands to help you plate it up

Now you can entertain in style with these Indian crockery brands that are offering everything from durability to a refined design aesthetic.

10 homegrown crockery brands to help you plate it up

As we emerge from the pandemic, staying in has become the new going out. Food photography has become a much-loved hobby for people, with many of them choosing house parties and intimate dinners over going out to restaurants and bars. And with so many of us having fallen in love with baking and cooking meals at home, why not do it in style? Besides, what better to get an Instagram- worthy picture than by using beautiful crockery?

Dinnerware also happens to be the most crucial part of a dining table, other than the food of course. And while the beauty of your dinnerware is important, one must also keep in mind the durability and functionality. Thankfully, today, there are a bunch of homegrown and bespoke brands to choose from and set that Borosil dinner set aside. The flip side to this is that it can be intimidating to navigate through so many different crockery brands. And so, we have curated a list of our favourites to save you the time of having to do the research all by yourself. Check it out.

Indus People

Offering artistic and modern lifestyle products, Indus People is the brainchild of Aditi Bhatra. Featured here is their 'Dip in the Ganga' collection that is inspired by the 'restoring powers of Varanasi and Ganga's spirituality'. These products are dotted with 24-carat gold marigold petals and the soft waves on the plates and bowls represent the ripple effect created in water when a marigold is dipped in it. They draw inspiration from various textures, colours and designs of India, making every collection unique. They also do customised dinner sets to match your own personal aesthetic.

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Price Range: Starting from Rs. 450

Email: hello@induspeople.in


If you are looking for dinnerware that is both strong and elegant, then look no further. Founded by Malika Bhudiraj and Surkhi Matharu, Baarique is all about elevating your dining experience using bronze/Kansa, copper and brass metals that are skilfully etched by local artists from Rajasthan. The artwork is inspired by the various traditions and cultures of India ranging from enchanted forests to the bright pink bougainvilleas that colour our streets. Featured here is their Roha collection, which in Sanskrit means to blossom.

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Price Range: Starting from Rs. 4000

Email: namaste@baarique.in

Good Earth

Founded by Anita Lal in 1996, Good Earth went from being an entrepreneurial dream to an exclusive luxury retail brand in India. Their products draw inspiration from nature and are handcrafted by skilled artisans. The Jessamine collection featured here is inspired by the fragrant wild blooms found in the Himalayan countryside. This fine bone china is light, thin and hand-decorated. Perfect for those curated sit-down dinners.

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Price Range: Rs. 2500 to Rs. 11,000

Email: customercare@goodearth.in

White Hill Studio

The crockery from White Hill Studio will transport you to the hills. The starry skies, floral prints and animal motifs will enchant you. The 'Midnight in Mashobra' collection featured here is inspired by the Mashobra town in Shimla that is home to the sheep you can see on their mugs. Their innovative approach to design makes it a worthy addition to your kitchen cabinet.

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Price Range: Rs. 1100 to Rs. 6600

Email: studiowhitehill@gmail.com


Nestasia has a stunning collection of dinnerware. Their range of crockery and cutlery come in a spectrum of colours, prints and designs made to fit any kind of kitchen perfectly. The contemporary design coupled with bright hues will add just the right amount of colour to your dinner table. The eccentric prints and shapes are sure to make your food more gram-worthy.

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Price Range: Rs. 350 onwards

Email: info@nestasia.in

The Decor Circle

The Decor Circle is an online decor store that sells everything from dinnerware and accent tables to decor items. Their contemporary and playful designs are sure to make your dining experience more fun. They are also offering an anniversary discount on their 'Raindrop Serene' dinner set collection along with their 'Marble Cheese Board Platter'.

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Price Range: Rs. 774 to Rs. 1,445

Email: info@thedecorcircle.com

Tejashree Sagvekar Ceramics

Choosing pottery as a vehicle for self-expression, Tejashree Sagvekar's pottery will bring joy to your dinner table. Her products are the most raw-looking, with uneven edges on full display and soft earthy tones. And that's exactly how you know they are handmade with a lot of attention to detail.

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Price Range: Starting from Rs. 500

Email: sagvekartejashree@gmail.com

Curators of clay

Bhairavi Naik and Rohit Kulkarni are the people behind these gorgeous ceramics. Their exquisite products are handmade and come in various pastel shades, with simple and clean designs. The Early Summer Ensemble set featured here is glazed in a summery leaf green colour, making it the perfect addition to your crockery collection.

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Email: rohit@curatorsofclay.com

Ware Innovations

If you love designs that are out of the box and bold then, Ware Innovations is the place for you. Leaning towards minimal and contemporary designs, their products come in pastel shades that make them the ideal dinnerware brand for a fuss-free dining experience. Tucked away in the lanes of Lower Parel in Mumbai, they ship pan India with customised packaging to give your order a personal touch.

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Price Range: Starting from Rs. 400

Email: info@wareinnovations.com

Slow Pottery

This pottery school and store located in Andhra Pradesh is the brainchild of Nikita Dawar. Her love for slow living as a philosophy is what made her start the brand. The 'Winter Pop' collection has a variety of products that are glazed in candy hues like, light blue, blush pink and yellow and promise to add a dash of colour to your table.

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Email: hello@slowpottery.com

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