10 super cool desserts for the scorching hot summers

A specially curated list of hassle-free summer desserts for you to enjoy this lockdown summer.

10 super cool desserts for the scorching hot summers

This is the second consecutive summer we are spending locked up in our homes and rummaging through our old board games to play with till things look brighter. But we are not so quick to lose hope. There are still a few things that we can count on to cheer us up in these tough times, and one of them is definitely good food. Even better when it's dessert.

With the summer here in all its sunny excellence, here are a few light and fruity desserts to keep the spirits up and make your days sweeter.

Bourbon cheesecake

Replace the chocolate cream of the classic Bourbon biscuits and fill it with cream cheese infused with vanilla essence to make these yummy Bourbon cheesecake bites. They are best eaten after being refrigerated for a couple of hours.

Jamun fruit popsicle

This tangy and sweet popsicle is made by processing the jamun with sugar and making a juice first. We then add basil sprigs for some extra freshness and set the mixture in popsicle moulds for a couple of hours.

Panna cotta

Panna cotta means cooked cream in Italian. The delicious dessert is uncomplicated to make and has a few ingredients like fresh cream, sugar, and fresh cream. In our recipe, we have made a classic panna cotta using vanilla pods.

Berry and green tea ice lollies

These ice lollies combine loads of flavour with a few spoons of honey to cut through the tanginess of the berries and the bitter aftertaste of green tea. We sprinkle some chilli powder and chaat masala at the end to give it that extra burst of flavour.

Fruity yoghurt

This one is the simplest desserts on our list where we take everyone's favourite fruit - mango and dice it to make a fruity yoghurt. We drizzle it with honey to add some sweetness.

Chocolate brownie shake

This recipe is sure to remind you of your childhood when you just couldn't get enough of chocolate. This has everything from Nutella to dark chocolate to gems to chocolate sprinkles. We top it off with a small piece of brownie to finish this 'freakshake'

Vegan banana strawberry sorbet

This is the perfect end to a heavy meal l. Just blend some strawberries and bananas in a mixer and serve chilled. Top it off with nuts or chocolate chips for some extra goodness.

Strawberry phirni

We thought of giving the classic phrini a fruity twist by adding fresh strawberries to it. This recipe has a richness of ingredients like cardamom, vanilla and pistachios.

Chikoo balls

This is the kind of dessert you would like to serve at a family function. We take chunks of chikoo and combine it with khoya and sugar and roll it into balls. We finish off by topping it with cherries.

Pineapple cake

We make an upside-down cake using coconut milk and pineapple soaked in caramel. It is like your regular cake but what makes it so much better is the desiccated coconut used in the batter.

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