Yeh dil mango more: 30 recipes for the 30 days of April

As we gear up for the mango season, here's an exhaustive list of recipes to help you dive right into the summer

Yeh dil mango more: 30 recipes for the 30 days of April

A three-week long vacation, nondescript indoor games and heaps of mangoes are the memories most of us would associate with summer. And you have to agree, to look for the ripest mango in a crate of hay, is a joy like no other. What makes them even more special, is the fact that they're only available for three months in a year, and the plethora of varieties available through the length and breadth of the country. Be it, Alphonso from Ratnagiri, Badami from Karnataka, Kesar from Gujarat or, Dasheri from Uttar Pradesh, Indian mangoes are globally renowned for their taste and richness. Plus, they're super versatile, fitting neatly into an array of desserts, curries, salads, chutneys beverages and pickles!

So, with mango season knocking on our doors, we thought to set things in order with this list of 30 recipes, so you have something new to try all 30 days of the month. As for the ones with 31 days, well, just make your favourite once twice.

1. Mango lassi

Made with juicy, ripe mangoes, fresh cold yoghurt and topped with crunchy nuts, mango lassi is the perfect afternoon, post-workout or mid-meal drink.

2. Kerala style mango curry

This light and creamy curry from the South has the goodness of mango and coconut milk and is best enjoyed with hot rice. Check the recipe out here.

3. Paneer mango balls

All you have to do is cook the pulp, add paneer, and top it off with a whole lot of pistachios and almonds to make this healthy dessert. Check the recipe out here.

4. Mango prawn cocktail

With the right balance of tangy and sweet flavours, this cocktail is sure to be a hit the next time you host an intimate dinner party at home.

5. Mango barfi

The goodness of khoya combines with the freshness of mango pulp to give you this recipe that comes topped with copious amounts of chopped almonds. Check the recipe out here.

6. Mango rasgulla dessert jar

The spongy Bengali sweet comes together with diced mangoes and a rich rabdi to make an easy and quick layered dessert in a jar. Check the recipe out here.

7. No-cook mango popsicle

A milk-free dessert popsicle made with diced mango and sweet soda, this no-cook treat is just what you need to beat the heat.

8. Mango salsa

The sweetness of mangoes paired with the crunch of red bell peppers and onion is just the kind of salsa your bruschettas have been waiting to be topped with. Check the recipe out here.

9. Raw mango rice

Toss steamed rice with onion, garlic, roasted peanut and finely chopped raw mango to give your lunch menu a seasonal twist. Check the recipe out here.

10. Mango pineapple smoothie

Blend the sharp tanginess of pineapple into a smoothie with ripe and pulpy mangoes making for a nice addition to your summer breakfast spread. Check the recipe out here.

11. Mango milkshake with ice-cream

One can seldom go wrong with a classic milkshake and fresh fruit. Add a scoop of ice cream to shake things up.

12. Mango tapioca bubble tea

Whip some soya milk and iced green tea with mango pulp to make yourself a glass of fruity bubble tea this summer. What's more? It's healthy, too. Check the recipe out here.

13. Mango pudding with chocolate ganache

A classic pudding made with the best seasonal fruit topped with a decadent chocolate ganache is all you could ask for after a good meal, right? Check the recipe out here.

14. Aam chunda

Made with a generous amount of jaggery and grated mango, this pickle from Gujarat will complete your meal the way a cherry completes a cake.

15. Mambazha pullisery

Literally translating to mango and curd curry, this staple from the South is a refreshing dish made with mango pulp and fresh yoghurt and finished with a chonkkh of curry leaves and mustard seeds for that extra kick. Check the recipe out here.

16. Raw mango dal

It is not unusual to squeeze a slice of lemon or add a piece of kokum to your dal to make it tangy but when mangoes are in season, we recommend adding that to give it that extra edge.

17. Vegan mango smoothie

For this smoothie, we add bananas to the mix to give you a quick and tasty. Check the recipe out here.

18. Mango shrikhand

Very few things in life beat the comfort of a bowl of shrikhand. Make the most of mango season by topping the much-loved dessert with a handful of ripe mangoes and you're set. Check the recipe out here.

19. Mango and avocado salad

A tangy dressing of balsamic orange juice, olive oil, chives, avocados, mangoes and a few nuts come together to give you this light summer salad. Check the recipe out here.

20. Chilled raw mango chilli soup

All you need for this recipe is to make a salsa with chilli peppers, onions and mango. And then, blitz it all up in the mixer. Refrigerate and serve with garlic croutons for a cooling, sweet gazpacho of sorts.

21. Raw mango and dal salad

Ambe dal is a popular salad from Maharashtra, which is made with lentils, green chilli, cucumber and sugar. It's a raw salad, tempered with mustard seeds, making it a fresh addition to your summer menu. Check the recipe out here.

22. Fresh cream with mango

Who doesn't love spoonfuls of whipped cream with fresh fruit? Dice your mangoes and serve them with fresh cream for the quickest dessert fix possible. Check the recipe out here.

23. Mango iced tea

It is remarkable what a tall glass of iced tea can do for you on a hot, sunny day. Add the pulp of ripe mangoes to make it even cooler.

24. Totapuri murabba

A Sindhi version of the murabba, this mango jam is sweet and pulpy. And if you are feeling a little experimental, spread it all over your morning toast. Check the recipe out here.

25. Mango thokku

A grated mango pickle from the South, this recipe packs a punch with fenugreek seeds, mustard and sesame and pairs well with curd rice. Check the recipe out here.

26. Aam ka murabba

Drenched in sugar syrup and flavoured with cardamom and saffron, this murabba is what you should be eating your parathas with this summer.

27. Fruit soup with mango salsa

Made with fruits like orange, watermelon and mango, this rejuvenating soup is flavoured with herbs like basil and mint, making it the ideal candidate for a light lunch or dinner. Check the recipe out here.

28. Maanga inji

This is an instant pickle made by finely chopping raw mango and ginger. What's better? You can make it minutes before sitting down for your meal. Check the recipe out here.

29. Mango and mint chutney

Your chutney-cheese sandwich will not be the same after you make it with our raw-mango chutney, which combines garlic, green chillies, onions, and mint. Check the recipe out here.

30. Mango sharbat

Think of this sharbat as the equivalent of a mango lemonade. It is tangy, sweet, and makes for a great refreshment.

Bookmark your favourite recipes and don't forget to let us know how they turned out.

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