10 After-School Snacks Recipes Every Kid Will Love

10 After-School Snacks Recipes Every Kid Will Love

Just prepping for school tiffins in this back-to-school season isn't enough. The after lunch cravings are as real as they get and snacking on processed food is the last thing you want your family to be indulging in. Evenings call for more fun and light on the stomach recipes that'll just set you in the right mood to follow it up with nutritious dinner. Here are some amazing after-school snacks recipes you'd love to make for your kids and they'd love to eat it too. So, bookmark them now.

1. Vegetable Quesadilla

This easy cheesy recipe by Megha Joshi can lighten up evenings in more ways than one. And, the best part is if you don't have tortillas for the recipe, use leftover rotis!

2. Potato Patra

This Gujarati recipe video by Arina is an interesting take on a normal patra or colocasia leaves delicacy often made in the Gujarati household. And, the potato touch is just like a cherry on the cake.

3. Cheese Stuffed Bread Roll

Bread and cheese are children's favourite things to eat and this Hindi recipe video by Archa Arte ensures you surprise your kid with this lip-smacking snack.

4. Egg Masala Toastie Sandwich

Veena Gidwani shows you how to make this delicious Mumbai street style snack right in your kitchen. If you're not an egg eater, replace it with any other filling of your choice.

5. Rice Cheese Patty

Have leftover rice from lunch? No worries, transform them into these crispy cheese patties by Archana Arte, a Marathi video recipe.

6. Vegetable Frankie

Vegetable frankie is one of those common leftover roti recipes but this recipe by Arina gives you the taste of the streets and is sure to make your kids want more of it.

7. 5 minute Bread Pakora

Deep-fried food might be named unhealthy but treating your kids to homemade fried food once a week doesn't' seem like a bad idea. This 2-way bread pakora recipe by Veena Gidwani is definitely worth a shot.

8. Leftover Roti Enchilada

Have your kids been craving for anything apart from ghar ka khana? This recipe video by Pallavi Nigam borders upon Indian food with Mexican flavours.

9. Crispy Potatoes

Aren't potatoes every child's favourite? The best part about this recipe by Big Brown Kitchen shows us a healthier way to eat potatoes.

10. Kaala Channa Chat

A sweet, sour, spicy and everything flavourful is what Indian chaats taste like. This recipe by Gahukar's Kitchen can be made at home and makes for the perfect evening snack for you and your child.

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