10 delicious Onam recipes you need to try

From a sweet payasam to a juicy Mambazha Pullisery curry, here are our favourite Onam recipes

10 delicious Onam recipes you need to try

Onam is right here and all of us are excitedly looking forward to celebrate this beautiful festival. This is the main festival among Keralites and is everyone's favourite for a reason. Beautiful flower arrangements, traditional clothes, and most importantly, Sadya are just a few things that make this festival amazing. The traditional Onam Sadya is a 9-course meal that consists of 26 dishes and is served on banana leaves. India Food Network shares with you all our favourite Onam recipes that you can make to bring the feeling of Onam home.

1. Kalan

Kalan is a gravy that's made of curd, raw banana, and yam. These ingredients give it a sour taste and Kalan is best served with rice. This is one of the 26 dishes that's made in Onam Sadya.

2. Kerala Palada Payasam

Payasam is a sweet dish that's a must in Onam Sadya. Milk and sugar are mixed together with a topping of ghee and cardamom powder over a flame which reduces the mixture to form a thick and sweet Palada Payasam which you're sure to enjoy.

3. Kerala Style Olan

Olan is a stew that's made of coconut milk, curry leaves, and ash gourd. It pairs well with steamed rice or Kerala style red rice (matta rice).

4. Pazham Pradhaman

Pazham Pradhaman is a sweet dish made of bananas, jaggery, and coconut milk. It can be served hot or chilled as per your choice but tastes delicious in every way.

5. Mambazha Pullisery

Mambazha Pullisery is a sweet and juicy curry originated from Kerela. Made with sweet ripened mangoes and curd, this dish is a perfect curry if you wish to have a sweet curry for lunch or dinner.

6. Shakkara Varrati

Shakkara Varrati is a snack made from banana chips and coated with jaggery syrup. This snack is a great addition to your Sadya plate and a snack that you will be eating even after Onam.

7. Pal Payasam

Kheer is called Payasam in Southern India and Payasa actually means milk. Pal Payasam is a sweet dish made of dry fruits and rice. It's definitely going to be your favorite thing on the plate.

8. Beetroot Pachadi

Beetroot Pachadi is a South Indian side dish and a treat for all raita lovers. This is made from coconut, urad dal, and curry leaves that add flavour to this delicious raita.

9. Avial

Avial is a traditional dish from Kerala and an important dish of Sadya. It is made from mixed vegetables, curd and coconut. Serve this with rice.

10. Lemon Rasam

Lemon Rasam is a healthy dish that's served with rice but can also be served as a soup and solves common cold problems.

Celebrate this Onam with these tasty dishes that will leave you asking for more.

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