10 classic Christmas desserts you need for this festive season 

10 classic Christmas desserts you need for this festive season 

It is not a festive feast if it does not end with a good dessert. Take a look at our favourites.

December is when you pull out your happy socks, snuggle in sweaters, and watch feel-good movies all day long. The winter month is all about breezy weather and warm homes. With Christmas on its way, festive preparations of all sorts have begun. But what is a celebration without a big feast and lots of dessert to eat, right? As you pop a bountiful roast into the oven, here are some classic desserts you can end the Christmas feast with.

Fruit Custard Tart

Take the classic custard one step further with a fruit custard tart. The process may be a little time consuming but the result is well worth the effort. Make a nice crumbly tart base and fill it with the custard of your choice. You can go for the staple pastry cream filling or a smooth vanilla, strawberry or dense chocolate custard. Top off your tart with the fresh seasonal fruits available in your region.

Orange Pudding Cake

Pudding cakes are a double delight because it is the flavour and texture of two desserts combined into one. You have an airy and moist sponge on top with a flavourful custard/cream/sauce underneath.There is a bit of technique involved in making a good pudding cake. We recommend you make an orange pudding cake for the flavour and contrast of the citrus from the orange really elevates the cake.

Gingerbread Cookies

We don’t even need to list out the reasons for why gingerbread cookies are so good. They are almost synonymous with Christmas. These pungent cookies are usually made by adding spices like cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger and molasses along with the staples. They can make for an excellent snack just get your party started. Fill them in a cookie jar and serve it with some hot coffee.

Fruit Cake

One recipe that is a household staple during Christmas is the fruit cake. It is traditionally prepared with soaking unsweetened dried fruits in rum for a certain number of hours or days depending on the recipe you choose to go with. The batter for the cake is not unusual and pretty simple. This cake is decadent and has a light flavour. It is the perfect dessert to end a heavy meal.

Chocolate Pancakes

Though traditionally not a Christmas dessert, chocolate pancakes are never a bad idea. This could be the perfect way to start your Christmas morning. Add some cocoa powder to your pancake batter and drizzle a lot of chocolate sauce in to make a hearty and filling breakfast for your family.

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon is the go to spice when it comes to holiday desserts. These sweet and gooey rolls made with only a few ingredients wins hearts at the dinner table.There are quite a few ways to make them. You can either prepare it a week in advance and keep them refrigerated. Or you can also bake them fresh and serve them hot. We definitely recommend topping off your rolls with a cream cheese frosting.

Classic Christmas Trifle

Trifle is a classic English dessert that is assembled in layers with sponge cake, custard, fresh fruit,whipped cream, and any other ingredient of your choice. It is not time-consuming to make like the other Christmas desserts but make sure to choose the right ingredients and layer it correctly. You can experiment by adding ice-cream instead of the whipped cream, or layering with biscuits instead of cake pieces.

Chocolate Yule Log

One might think that classic Christmas dessert requires advanced baking skills to make but that is not quite the case. It actually is a simple cake with a thick ganache frosting. It is also called Bûche de Noël and is made based on an old European tradition. This yule log looks festive and inviting when set at the centre of your dinner table.

Walnut Fudge

If you are somebody who does not want to make anything elaborate but still wants to enjoy a good dessert, walnut fudge is the thing you are looking for. Most fudge recipes use 4-6 ingredients and the entire recipe comes together in about 20 minutes. You can make these fudge cubes a week or two in advance if you want to keep your hands free and relax on the holiday.

Hot Chocolate

Last but not least, hot chocolate. Something about a warm cup of hot chocolate on Christmas eve just feels so right. Some like their hot chocolate to be thick and dense while some prefer it to have a slightly thinner consistency. Marshmallows are just an added delight. Make a round of this hot beverage and end your evening with a good ol’ Christmas rom-com.

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