10 Delicious Recipes So Good Without Onions That You Won't Even Miss It

10 Delicious Recipes So Good Without Onions That You Wont Even Miss It

Dear Onions,

Onions, oh onions! You make us spill our eyes out while we chop you but now that you've become so expensive, we're genuinely on the verge of tears. We can't do without you but now we don't seem to have a choice! It seems impossible to make recipes without you but with your skyrocketing prices, we've decided to do without you anyway.

So, here are some delicious recipes we have for you that are so good without onions that you won't even miss it. And, while we're busy cooking up a storm without you, dear onion, set your loyalties in the right place & that's in the kitchen, not in the godowns!

1. Jain Samosa

Looking for bite-sized munchies you can put together in a jiffy? Well, look no further because Kamini Patel has the perfect easy to cook Mini Dal Samosa with onion or garlic recipe for you. Spice-infused dal is wrapped in a light dough which is then fried to perfection giving you a crisp and delicious samosa for that evening snack.


2. Aloo Tikki

Batata/Aloo Tikki recipe is a great vegetarian snack, perfect with a cup of tea at the end of a gruelling workday. And, with no onions in it, it makes for a no spilling your eyes out while chopping them nor it will make you cry because of its soaring prices!


3. Palak Dhokla

Palak Dhokla is a very healthy and easy snack prepared with spinach leaves and flour as the main ingredients with minimum oil and is a very tasty way to include a leafy vegetable in your daily diet. Don't worry about the taste, trust us, you won't even miss onions.


4. Moong Bhaji

Make mugachi bhaji, also known as sprout beans and feast on this delicious delicacy to keep up with your health. Watch as Archana Tai guides you through the recipe and gives you tips and tricks to make the process much easier, without onions!


5. Dahi Chicken

Looking for exciting chicken recipes and that too without onions? Learn how to make chicken curry with yoghurt and serve it with roti, rice or even bread. With this Dahi Chicken recipe, add sublime flavours to your dining table


6. Doodhi Na Muthiya

This classic Gujarati breakfast dish is made from a combination of flours, bottle gourd, and spices and tastes delicious without onions. Sprinkle a tadka of dry chillies, sesame seeds & curry leaves on it and you're good to go!


7. Vegetable Balls

Crunchy-munchy vegetable balls are a fantastic way to get your children to eat veggies they might normally refuse. This healthier yet delicious snack can be made ready in a jiffy and is definitely children's favourite. And, when you can make it without crying, basically without onions, it is indeed a happy time in the kitchen.


8. Raw Banana Kebabs

Its's Navratri time and every now and then you have the temptation to eat a non-vegetarian dish, but Smita shows you how to curb that temptation while she makes kebabs!


9. Paneer Aloo Tikki

Can you imagine a Tikki recipe without onions? This delicious recipe combined with paneer elevates your snack time. While you're either fasting or looking for yummy ways to indulge, this recipe is a treat.


10. Gujarati Kadhi

Tired of having achar with khichdi, no worries. Toral Rindani brings you Gujarati Kadhi, a delicacy from Gujarat that is bound to win your heart over. Try this version & you won't miss onions.


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