10 Delicious Sindhi Recipes You Should Try At Least Once

10 Delicious Sindhi Recipes You Should Try At Least Once

Sindhi cuisine is native to the people of Sindh, Pakistan. Now, Sindhi food is eaten all over India with so much love and joy. You are in for a treat if you are invited to a Sindhi household. There's a Sindhi tradition that no one can leave the house without eating their homecooked meal. From Dal Pakwan to Koak Palla Fish, there are numerous dishes and recipes that are super delicious to ignore. Here's a list of authentic Sindhi recipes that you have to try.

1. Dal Pakwan

Number 1 on the list of authentic Sindhi dishes is Dal Pakwan. It is usually eaten for breakfast and what a better way than to start your day with a delicious dish like this one. Dal Pakwan is an authentic Sindhi dish made with boiled black split gram & is served over a crispy fried base of Pakwan and topped off with tangy tamarind chutney.

2. Masala Koki

Looks like a paratha but is prepared and kneaded differently. It usually is eaten as a breakfast meal. It's made of wheat flour and onions and you can be paired with dahi or pickle. Trust me if you eat it once, you're going to want to make it for every meal.

3. Dagh Masala

Sindhi food uses a lot of onion and tomatoes as a base for several dishes. This base is called Dagh in Sindhi. It seems like a useful recipe to learn. Imagine all the multiple dishes you can make with this simple gravy. Add it to almost anything and you'd have a great dish.

4. Koak Palla Fish

Palla Macchi is a popular Sindhi delicacy and has many cooking methods. This Koak Palla fish is fried and steamed with delicious masala that gets soaked into it. It's a perfect dish to eat and make on a lazy day.

5. Sindhi Bhee Aloo

Bhee in English means lotus root. To make this dish you'll need bhee kamal kakdi, which is the main ingredient. The base is made of onions and tomatoes which is also called Dagh Masala. Serve this dish with rotis and you have yourself a lovely meal.

6. Home-made Kheema Pav

There are many ways you can make Kheema Pav. The authentic Sindhi Kheema Pav is much lighter and less spicy. If you are a fan of Kheema Pav, this recipe might steal your heart.

7. Sindhi Yellow Moong Dal

Yellow Moong Dal is easy on your stomach and tasty. This recipe teaches you how Sindhi's love to eat Moong Dal.

8. Aloo Mutter

A Sindhi version of potatoes and peas sabzi is called peas patata in Sindhi. It's a simple dish that is delicious and takes hardly any time to make.

9. Arbi Tuk

Arbi Tuk is a Sindhi snack that's usually eaten with dal chawal or kadhi chawal. This snack can also be enjoyed with a cup of chai.

10. Seyal Double Roti

This dish can be enjoyed as a breakfast or as a mid-day snack. It's made with Pav bread and tastes something like you've never tasted before. Who knew there are so many things that you can do with Pav?

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