10 Dishes That Are Every Indian Foodie’s True Love

10 Dishes That Are Every Indian Foodie’s True Love

Indian food indian recipes biryani eeasy recipes indian dishes Biryani is the only way to an Indian foodie's heart.

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food,” said our favourite Julia Child.

Valentine’s Day is finally here, the day when true love prevails or the day when you realise that everything is fake and pizza is your only true calling.

So, like a real foodie we've listed our dishes that are our true love.


Let’s get real, life is incomplete without biryani. Whether it’s from Lucknow, Kolkata, Hyderabad or Mumbai, doesn't matter. As as they, love hurts but biryani does not.


The one thing that takes us all on a nostalgic trip is maa ke haath ka rajma-chawal. Just one mouthful of this comfort food takes away all the pain we feel for not receiving any gifts on Valentine’s Day. :-(

Butter Chicken

Enough has been said about this legendary dish so much so that it is close to becoming our national dish. Paired with a hot butter naan, butter chicken is every foodie’s fantasy come true.

Aloo Paratha

This breakfast favourite has been a part of our lives for time immemorial. From breakfast to dinner, just a dollop of butter on a garam aloo paratha is enough to send us into a food frenzy.

Palak Paneer

Usually prepared in vegetarian households, palak paneer is the only competition to all the mutton and chicken curries. But, it gives the best of the lot a run for their money and rules our hearts for the right reasons..

indian food india street food mumbai easy recipes kheema pav Kheema pav is a 3 am favourite for most.

Kheema Pav

It is the solution to all those late night cravings and after-party snacking. What we love about kheema pav is that it has been with us when we needed it the most. And for reasons unknown, it does taste better at 3 am by the roadside.

Gulab Jamun

For everyone with a sweet tooth, gulab jamun is a guilty pleasure (without the guilt!). From birthdays to weddings, no menu or meal is complete without this sugary goodness

Tandoori Chicken

Although biryani wins any food debate hands down, tandoori chicken isn’t far behind. With some pudina chutney and raw onions, this humble dish hits all the right spots and completes every house party.

Moong Dal Halwa

A royal end to any meal, this halwa is a feast in itself. So all the chocolate cakes and strawberry ice cream can step aside and make way for our true love.


No foodie’s list of favourites is complete without the ever-so popular Indian chaat. From paani puri to dahi puri and even bhel, chaat makes our heart skip a beat!

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