10 Indian Dishes We’re Absolutely Thankful For

10 Indian Dishes We’re Absolutely Thankful For

chaat favourite india dishes indian dishes top indian dishes The Indian chaat is popular around the world.

If a poet had to wax eloquent about food, he’d eat these dishes for inspiration. Therefore, this is our ode to some of our favourite Indian dishes. We’re sure you have your favourites too.

Butter chicken: Butter chicken could be any artiste’s muse. And why not? The luscious and vibrant chicken dish is not only photo-worthy, but also too delicious to resist.

Chole bhature: We’ve had our share of chole bhature cravings! When all you need is a gigantic puri (here, bhature) to mop up that ridiculously good chole masala, nothing really matters.

Motichoor laddoo: We have our votes for Bengal’s mishti or for that matter roshogolla intact. But there’s one more mishti that makes us go weak in the knees. This ghee-laden beauty!

Chilli chicken: We thank the Chinese who made India, specifically Kolkata their home. For we got chilli chicken and fried rice in return. Don’t you think so?

Prawn curry: When the going gets tough, trust a warm and comforting prawn curry to soothe our souls. Uncle, aur ek rice please!

Biryani: Whoever invented the biryani, should be patted on the back. It's the one dish with textures so complex and layers so hard to define that we’d rather enjoy it than debate which city has the best biryani!

Paani puri: Call it phuchka, gol gappe, paani puri or paani ke batashe…we are bowled over by this brilliant food invention for one thing – that burst of varying flavours in the mouth!

Chaat: If not for chaat, our evenings on the beach would be boring. Thank you for the sev puri and bhel to keep us going while watching the sunset!

Tandoori chicken: The man who decided to smoke chicken in a clay oven with special masalas had no clue that the dish would become a hot item at any party or celebration. True that?

Dal makhani: A good dal makhani has the power to win our hardcore non-vegetarian choices! Don’t trust us? Dunk your roti into that bowl of creamy, rich and luscious thing!

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