10 Indian Halwas We Bet You Didn't Know About

10 Indian Halwas We Bet You Didnt Know About

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We have all grown up eating the classic gajar ka halwa. And occasionally, a sooji ka halwa too. But did you know that India's halwa repertoire doesn't end here?

There's mirchi ka halwa and even gosht ka halwa popularly made in some parts of the country. Here is a whole list of halwas that we stumbled upon recently.

Gosht ka halwa

While we do prefer our meats curried or kebab-ed, some people like it as a halwa. Yes, with its roots in Rampur, UP, this one is made of minced meat, ghee, saffron and cardamon. The meat is boiled several times to get rid of the meaty smell and to transform it into a sinful delight that's a little hatke!

Pyaaz ka halwa

When one thinks of onions, halwa is definitely not the first thing that comes to mind. Caramelised onions mixed with cashews and milk give this dish a distinct flavour. For everyone who wants a little adventure in life should get a taste of this unique sweet dish.

Watermelon halwa

Who would have thought of making a halwa out of a part that is usually disposed? The white rind of watermelon is mixed with full fat milk and chopped nuts to make this unexpectedly good dish.

Mirchi ka halwa

Yes, you heard it right. Imagine eating chillies without the fear of a burning sensation. Some say that mirchi ka halwa was popular among the royal families, and the dish today has a cult status because of its uniqueness. It is prepared by de-seeding the chillies first and then boiling them in water to release the aroma followed by the usual recipe.

Dudhi ka halwa

Dudhi ka halwa often finds mention in celebratory menus across Maharashtra and even north India. While most of us are not fond of this vegetable and have grown up treating it as a mortal enemy, there are many who make it into a delicious halwa. With the addition of mawa or khoya, the dish gets a whole new dimension.

Beetroot halwa

Although used mainly in salads, the idea of a beetroot halwa isn't quite as bad. This bland vegetable makes quite a decadent dessert with its bright red colour, and crunch from the dry fruits. It is appealing to the eyes as it is to the palate!

Papaya ka halwa

Typically prepared in south Indian homes, papaya halwa has a rich colour and can be taken a few notches higher by cooking it in desi ghee. Flavour it with cardamon and dry fruits, and you have a treat, which tastes way better than the actual fruit!

Hara chana ka halwa

Hara chana or green chickpeas is a winter delight across northern and western India. Apart from using it to make puris, main dishes and parathas, you can also try a halwa with this seasonal veggie. In this, the chickpeas are made into a paste and then cooked with dry fruits, milk and ghee. The kind of greens we would like to eat!

Tamatar ka halwa

Cooked mostly in the kitchens of Tamil Muslims just before the festival of Ramadan, this halwa is made with milk and butter that are added to fresh tomatoes. This sticky sweet treat is often made with jaggery as well to give it a different taste and texture.

Makai ka halwa

Add this to your list of favourite corn recipes, pronto! Made with corn kernels, saffron, nuts and lots of ghee and sugar, this one will leave you wanting for more.

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