10 Kitchen Tools & Appliances That'll Make You Wonder "Why Don't I Have Them Already?"

10 Kitchen Tools & Appliances Thatll Make You Wonder Why Dont I Have Them Already?

Raise your hand if you've shopped for kitchen appliances more times than you can think of but still ended up looking for smarter ways to manage things around the kitchen. Guilty as charged? Then, you're in the right place at the right time. With Amazon's Great Indian Festival going on, some smart & small investments can make a huge difference because trust us, we all could use a little help! There'll always be some swanky kitchen appliances & tools that created a special place in your kitchen as well as your heart because they made your life so stress-free, but we bet, you're going to love these too! And, you can thank us later too.

1. Sandwich Maker

Well, you might think what's so special about a sandwich maker? But, let us tell you, this could potentially be one of your smartest investments because it comes with a waffle plate apart from the regular ones & what better way to feed a picky-eater than this! Dish out crispy doses of yumminess on a plate with a toast, grill & waffle plate. This 3-in-1 sandwich maker comes in handy when breakfast sounds like a tedious task.


Was Priced At: Rs. 3490

Now At: Rs. 1462

2. Multi-Pot Pressure Cooker

Are you always looking for ways to make the most of your time while you're in the kitchen? Now, with Mealthy's, you can cook meals within minutes and save all the precious time to do other things while this one-pot cooker works its magic. From pressure cooking to sauteing, baking & cooking, you can rely on this smart kitchen appliance for everything.

Mealthy Pressure Cooker

Was Priced At: Rs. 14990

Now At: Rs. 7490

3. Oven Toaster Grill

Planning on that healthy dinner for a long time now? But, going healthy seems like an expensive idea? No more excuses! Black + Decker's 9 Litre Oven deserves all your attention! It allows you to grill, bake & broil your veggies & meats within minutes. Get it now to save your money & time; and the bonus is that you also get to stick to a healthy diet regime!


Was Priced At: Rs. 2995

Now At: Rs. 1908

4. Popcorn Maker

Tired of wasting those corns that didn't pop while you're stuck with half the amount of popcorns in your bucket because half of them were stuck in the bottom of your pressure cooker? Now, put up your feet and let Singer's Popcorn Maker do it's thing while you're set to make your movie nights or snack times even better because none of it is complete without perfectly popped popcorn, right?


Was Priced At: Rs. 3290

Now At: Rs. 1999

5. Electric Egg Poacher

Did you think poaching eggs was an easy task? Ask someone who hasn't done it right. No judgements here though. It's just that if your mornings are incomplete without eggs, you better get your hands on this cute egg poacher by PETRICE Plastics that takes only 10 minutes to cook the eggs and that too evenly! So, you can have seven perfectly poached eggs at the same time! If you love cute kitchen appliances, this investment comes in various other cute colors too.


Was Priced At: Rs. 999

Now At: Rs. 424

6. Refrigerator Organizer

Have you had those days when you can't find anything in your refrigerator because it's all so messed up. And, every time you see that you promise yourself that it's high time you get organized. Now is the time to get these pretty little drawers from Angel Bears that you can adjust in your refrigerator for a no-fuss incident when you're really in a hurry. And, guess what, it's also multi-purpose organizer that can be used to store your pens, mobile phone, remote control, make up kit and toiletry too.


Was Priced At: Rs. 599

Now At: Rs.399

7. Yogurt Maker

Curd is something every household in India can't live without. If you never got it in the right consistency when you made it home, don't worry, get HSR Plastic and Stainless Steel 1L Automatic Yogurt Maker now. With a cool design & color variations, this is a one of those kitchen appliances that will never ever put you through that unset curd feeling ever again.

Yogurt-makerWas Priced At: Rs. 1199

Now At: Rs. 589

8. Rice Strainer

Have you ever had issues with cleaning & straining rice where you have to use your palm to sieve through the grains so that they don't drain down the kitchen sink? Then this, amazing product by MOSQUICK acts as a perfect washer and strainer for Rice, Dal, Pulses, Grains, Pasta, Noodles, Fruits, Vegetables.


Was Priced At: Rs. 600

Now At: Rs. Rs. 248

9. Travel Instant Coffee Cup

This on-the-go single serve coffee maker is one of the smartest kitchen appliances in today's time as it's handy design allows you to enjoy your freshly brewed coffee anytime, anywhere. The best part about this Travel Instant Coffee Cup is that it keeps your coffee hot for up to 6 hours & cold for 12 hours straight! Its sweat-free exterior, spill proof drink spout, and non-slip, textured cup sleeve grip are some of the best features, making your coffee-time the most relaxing experience ever!


10. Kitchen Organizer

Does your OCD get the better of you while you're in the kitchen? Then Home Cube's plastic kitchen organizers are here to give you a run for your money. Getting them will not only sort out your kitchen mess but also make your kitchen look colorful and lively. They can easily be fixed on doors or kitchen cupboards to keep towels, rags, gloves, garbage bags etc, keeping your kitchen clean and tidy at all times.


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