10 Tweets That Celebrate Anthony Bourdain's Legacy On #BourdainDay

10 Tweets That Celebrate Anthony Bourdains Legacy On #BourdainDay

Chefs around the world declared 25th June as #BourdainDay; it was also the day renowned chef Anthony Bourdain was born. If we could, we would celebrate his memory every day with the countless lessons he taught us along the way through his shows, Parts Unknown, Kitchen Confidential and No Reservations amongst many. Here's how the twitter paid this opinionated and world-traveled culinary legend a tribute.

It all started when his best friends, Eric Ripert & Jose Andres took to twitter on 24th June and asked his fans to remember Bourdain's legacy on his birthday, with a caption, "He loved adventure, good food, washing it down with good drink in the company of new & old friends. He hated pretense, jerks & those who abused others. Let's celebrate him tomorrow."

On 24th June, Jose Andreas also asked Washington Post to honour Anthony Bourdain by celebrating his Birthday and putting up a video celebrating him:

Chef Aaron Sanchez

He said, " I'd like to honor him by remembering that he always stood up for and was loved by the Latin community."

David Simon, author and journalist

He remembered him by revisiting The Roost where he and Snoop went for laketrout on his Baltimore Episode. Says, Miss you dawg.

Andrew Zimmern, a chef, writer and TV host

He says, "We can make #BourdainDay live on every day of the year by endowing the scholarship fund that Eric Ripert & Jose Andres established."

Phil Rosenthal, creator of Somebody Feed Phil

He sends love and respect for his gigantic contribution and influence in the world of food, travel and human connections.

Kat Kinsman, Senior Editor at Food & Wine

She talks about Anthony Bourdain's life, death, legacy, and impact.

Alex Delany, Bon Appetit

He says, "There was real reward in his unbridled curiosity for places more honest than famed."

Padma Lakshmi, Top Chef host

She says, "Some heroes don't wear capes... we miss your wit, my friend."

Rachel Ray, Cook & Author

She fondly reminisces his memories saying, "I'm so grateful for a day in honor of a man I respected very deeply. He was cool and brilliant. Over the years we found common ground through humor, music and food. I miss his wit and presence."

Eric Ripert, Chef & Co-owner- Le Bernardin

He wishes Anthony, his dear friend- Happy Birthday saying,"The world wishes you Peace & Love on your journey."

Jose Andres, Chef

He celebrates #BourdainDay in Sinagpore at chili crab paradise restaurant with beers, chili crab and friends.

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