10 Ways to Show More Love for Your Food

10 Ways to Show More Love for Your Food

This Valentine's Day, we decided to dwell on one of our long-standing loves - food. As children, we relish our food and eagerly await every festive meal and treat. But as our lives get busier and more demanding, food becomes a mere obligation to keep ourselves going. We do make time to feast every now and then, but shouldn't food get some more love on a daily basis? Here are 10 commandments to follow, if you really love your food.

10 ways to show more love your food

1. Thou shall not skip any meals.

Your body needs nourishment at regular intervals. Otherwise it won't have any energy to help you do all that you need to do. And no, endless mugs of coffee are not the answer.

2. Thou shall try new things.

Sure, it's comforting to go to your favourite restaurant every Friday evening and order the same paneer butter masala and chocolate ice-cream. But why not be more adventurous and give other dishes a chance? You might find an all new love.

3. Thou shall practise sensory eating.

Food is not just fuel - it's an experience. Sensory eating involves using all your senses when you eat. Appreciate the appearance of your food, touch it with your hands, feel its texture, inhale its aromas and chew slowly so that every nuance of its flavour coats your taste-buds.

4. Thou shall cook more often.

It's definitely a challenge to find the time to cook, given that we have so many commitments. But even if it's just weekends, find time to cook. It's much more rewarding than eating what your cook makes, and you might that it even helps you de-stress and be more creative.

5. Thou shall dwell on presentation.

Even if you're a seasoned cook, chances are that you don't bother plating your dishes the way chefs do. Make a conscious decision to experiment with the way you present your food. You'll feel more artistic and your family might demand to eat out less often!

6. Thou shall eat local.

Go to the market and explore all the varieties of fruits, vegetables and grains on offer. Purchase something you've never had before but grows well in your part of the world, and learn to cook with it.

7. Thou shall have freshly cooked food.

As far as possible, don't rely on leftovers. Freshly cooked food is always better for you and of course, it tastes and smells better. It doesn't have to be laborious - check out our quick and easy recipes.

8. Thou shall eat with people you love.

Eating alone with only your phone for company is something you should try and avoid. Share your food and make meal-times a time of bonding. Make it a point to have all the family members together for dinner.

9. Thou shall not stand while eating.

Standing hinders the process of assimilation and digestion, apart from causing discomfort. Always find a spot to sit when you eat, and don't hurry. Take your time.

10. Thou shall not deny yourself.

Lastly, while eating healthy is important, you only live once. And it would be a sorry life if you never indulged in your favourite treats. Exercise moderation, but allow yourself some chocolate and wine.

Wish you all a delicious Valentine's Day!

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