10 Weekend Snacks Recipes That Are NOT Labour-Intensive

10 Weekend Snacks Recipes That Are NOT Labour-Intensive

Snacking is inevitable. Be it before lunch or after, pre-dinner snacking moods or post dinner cravings, we all turn to snacks for comfort. But, most of us choose processed and preserved foods that are are high in salt and fat content that only make us feel good till they're on the lips but react badly afterwards. Here are some weekend snacks recipes that are not labour-intensive and can be stored for a while to satisfy your snack binges. Happy Weekend!

1. Cheesy Cocktail Samosa

This Cheesy cocktail samosa by Megha Joshi is the best way to start your weekend tea-time. And, during monsoons, nothing screams more comfort food than chai and samosa.

2. Spicy Shankarpali

We all love and eat the sweet shankapali. Ever tried the spicy one? Check out Archana Tai's Spicy Shankarpali - Shakkarpara recipe which is so easy to make and so delicious that you won't be able to stop at one!

3. Thattai Murukku

Thattai is a traditional South Indian snack prepared on the occasion of Diwali or simply to satisfy your snack cravings. This tempting and crunchy snack is made with rice flour and gram flour. Do try this delicious Thattai Murukku recipe by Preetha.

4. Corn Bhel

Bored of eating regular bhel? Then try this delicious Corn Chaat recipe by chef Megha Joshi which is a popular Indian street food chaat made of American Corn, Veggies, and chutney to make your weekends better than ever.

5. Bhakarwadi

Bhakarwadi is one of Gujarat & Maharashtra's famous snack dish. It is served during all festivals and parties. But now, you don't need to buy this from the store! Make it at home using Archana Tai's recipe. It is one of those 'Oh so simple!' weekend recipes snack recipes that are not labour-intensive.

6. Lakhanpur De Bhalle

Lakhanpur de Bhalle is a mouth-watering street food from the heart of Jammu by Chef Varun Inamdar. If you want to impress with a savoury snack this monsoon, then try this delicious recipe served with a tangy radish chutney.

7. Rice Flour Chakli

Rice Chakli is a perfect evening snack that you can enjoy with a cup of hot tea or coffee. Watch and learn how to make crisp & crunchy chaklis for Diwali.

8. Poha Chivda

This Poha Chivda recipe by Roopa Nabar is an all-time favourite snack, that is savoured by adults and kids alike. The deep-fried bits in the snack makes it perfect for rainy season.

9. Wheat Crackers

Tired of serving dips with wafers, bread sticks or vegetable strips? Make these Whole Wheat Seed Crackers, that can be your healthy yet tasty weekend snack recipe that is not labour-intensive at all.


10. Banana Chips

"What if I tell you, it’s very easy to make Banana Chips at home!!! Yes, we all love bananas and we all love chips. And it’s easier to make Banana chips than you expect. Banana chips are always better than potato chips. Follow Rashmi, as she demonstrates the recipe to the crunchy snack.


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