12 Best Amazon Prime Day Deals For Your Kitchen

12 Best Amazon Prime Day Deals For Your Kitchen

Amazon has made shopping extremely easy for us ever since it entered the Indian e-commerce space. Anything and everything is available at the tap of a finger now. From kitchen appliances to groceries, clothes to electronics and furniture, there’s something here that everyone wants.

For the second year in a row, Amazon has announced the Prime Day, a two-day deal event, where exclusive discounts on new products along with product launches, and a lot more is awaiting the Prime Members. And, we’ve been waiting for Prime Day ourselves to get our hands on products we’ve been crushing on. Here are some deals you just can’t afford to miss out on.

Treo By Milton Tiffin Boxes

A lot of us carry tiffin boxes to work. How about making lunch-time more trendy with lunch boxes from Treo. They are made of glass, are leak proof, scratch free, microwave/oven friendly and dishwasher safe.

Tupperware Disney Lion King Lunch Boxes

Amazon hasn’t forgotten the younger ones who love their cartoon characters so much so that they want it on everything. The Tupperware Disney Lion King collection has come up with a range of tiffin boxes and water bottles for the kids, making them fall in love with their tiffins.

Maggi Fusion Noodles Limited Edition Asia Pack

India has an undying love for Maggi and guess what? Amazon has launched a Maggi Limited Edition Asia pack with three flavours this Prime Day. With flavours like Bangkok Sweet Chilli, HongKong Spicy Garlic and Singaporean Tangy Pepper, Maggi lovers are up for a treat! (Reminder: These are limited edition flavours, grab them at the earliest before the run out of stock!!)

Cooking can get a little boring sometimes! Get your hands on the Amazon Echo/Echo Dot to make your time in the kitchen more fun. From asking Alexa to play your favourite music to getting your recipes right; you’ll be in good company.

Handy Mini Vegetable Chopper

Chopping onions is indeed a daunting task for a lot of us, especially when you spend most of your time pouring your eyes out. Let this mini chopper make it easy for you. From onions to ginger to garlic to green chillies and tomatoes, this chopper is indeed a good investment. Also, since it is easily detachable and has stainless steel blades, cleaning it is super easy and quick. The best partabout it is it has 50% off on this Amazon Prime Day.

Premium Mixer Grinders

Grinding batters and spices at home with our regular mixer/grinders is a constant worry, that of blades breaking or the machines burning out. Hamilton Beach launches the Hamilton Beach® Professional Indian Juicer Mixer Grinder with Amazon Prime Day. Did you know, it takes literally less than 2.5 minutes to make your dosa batter in this and you have finely ground turmeric (yes, you can grind turmeric in this mixer) in less than 5 minutes without damaging the mixer.

Air Fryers

With the ever increasing number of people paying attention to their diet, oil consumption has drastically reduced. But don’t we all love our deep fried foods and enjoy an occasional binge. The air fryer comes to rescue here, and while a lot of us thought it was pricey, Prime Day gives you great deal with a whopping 31% off.

Glen 4 Burner Gas Stove

Craving for a fancy new stove, but you’re worried about it not fitting in your budget, Prime Day brings you fancy 2/3/4 burner stoves at great discounts.

Butterfly Pressure Cookers

Pressure cookers are an integral part of every Indian kitchen. In case you’re looking for an upgrade from your really old cookers, now is the time! An exclusive Prime Day deal will spoil your for choice with cookers available at a good 51% off for Prime members this Prime Day.

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Morphy Richards Oven Toaster Grinder

If you love baking and have been contemplating about investing in an OTG for the longest time, don’t delay any more. Grab the brilliant Morphy Richards OTG which has a 52 litres capacity and allows you to bake, grill or toast using the various trays and tongs that accompany it!

Morphy Richards Coffee Maker

If coffee keeps you sane, then the new Morphy Richards Coffee Machine, is everything you’ve dreamed about. You can easily make some Espresso, Cappuccino and Latte in the comfort of your home and relish a good cuppa! Call over some friends and flaunt your coffee making skills with this easy to use Coffee Maker that comes which is a steal-deal with a 38% Prime Day discount.

Borosil Classic Dinner Set

Crockery is something we love hoarding and stocking up on. Be it, plastic, glass, melamine or steel, we find a way to accommodate these sets in every corner of our kitchen. This dinner set by Borosil is a classy yet a pocket-friendly way to add to your existing collection.

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