14 Delicious Recipes To Try If You Love Gujarati Food

14 Delicious Recipes To Try If You Love Gujarati Food

Gujarati food is one of the most loved cuisines in India. From the spicy food of the Saurashtra region to the mild and sweet Gujarati food from North & Central region, Gujarati food is world-famous. However, sometimes it is merely brought down to two words, 'Meetha Khaana'. But, that's a debate for another day but if you thought so too, these recipes are going to change your opinion. As much as we love Gujarati snacks like dhoklas and fafdas, there's so much more to it than that. From recipes for different snacks to daily lunch and dinner recipes, here's a list of everyday authentic Gujarati recipes that'll make you fall in love with Gujarati food.

1. Batata Patra

This is a traditional Gujarati snack, made with potatoes and a lot of masalas. This is a perfect tea time snack that you must try if you're craving a variation of patra and they taste even better during monsoons.

2. Rice Khichu

Here's another snack that you're guaranteed to love. This snack is made of rice flour and methi masala. Something you've never tasted before, it gets ready in a jiffy. It looks simple but tastes divine.

3. Moong Dal Halwa

Mag Ni Dal No Shiro or Moong Dal Halwa is a sweet dish that is made in every Indian household. But, this Gujarati version will tick all the boxes when you're craving for something sweet & yummy.

4. Doodhi Na Muthiya

Doodhi Na Muthiya is made of Lauki or as it's called in English, Bottle Gourd. You might think that Lauki sabzi is the only thing that you can make from Lauki but that's not true. It is a great way to feed doodhi to your children. This dish is very popular in the Gujarati community and it's healthy and often eaten for breakfast, snack and even dinner sometimes. Try it out!

5. Raab

Raab is a warm health drink that's made of pearl millet flour or Bajra. It's a drink that's made in most Gujarati households to help boost immunity but is also super delicious.

6. Sabudana Kheer

Sabudana is usually consumed when you're fasting. The first thing that comes to your mind when you think Sabudana is "hmm let's make a simple khichdi" but when you're craving something sweet Sabudana kheer is actually super simple to make and a perfect thing to eat if you're craving something sweet.

7. Sev Ni Biranj

Sev Ni Biranj is a dessert that's made of vermicelli and some nutty dry fruits. If you're planning on expanding your horizons in desserts, this is a yummy recipe to try.

8. Sev Khamani

Sev Khamani is also known as Amiri Khamani. It's made from lentil cakes that are steamed and crumbled. Gujarati's are food masters and make sure they have a recipe for everything. This dish can also be made with leftover dhokhlas.

9. Kobi Na Muthiya

The name of this dish literally translates to cabbage dumplings. This is made of chickpea flour and tastes amazing with a cup of chai. Here's a recipe that will make cabbage more fun and interesting.

10. Dhokli Nu Shak

Dhokli Nu Shak or dal dhokli as it famouslt known as is a Gujarati style curry made with wheat flour dough squares simmered slowly in a masala dal. This dish is one of the famous Kathiyawadi spicy recipes that is devoured just as is or with warm steamed rice. How about spicing things up in the kitchen and making this for lunch tomorrow?

11. Palak Thepla

This dish needs no introduction! it's indeed world-famous. Well, who doesn't like theplas? They last for days and once you eat one, you can never stop. Learn how to make these delicious theplas with a twist of spinach instead of the traditional methi ones.

12. Raaswala Bateta Nu Shaak

Gujarati thalis are incomplete without this yummy dish. Raaswala Bateta Nu Shaak literally means gravy potato sabzi. It is a lip-smacking delight that you can absolutely not miss out on. and is mostly eaten with thepla or rotlis (phulkas).

13. Gujarati Style Drumstick Potato Vegetable

An authentic Gujarati recipe, this dish can also be made with brinjal, okra, or karela. It has the goodness of healthy spices and vegetables that makes this dish very popular in the Gujarati community.

14. Saragva Sing Ni Kadhi

Gujarati Kadhi is different from the Punjabi Kadhi; it doesn't have turmeric powder. This kadhi is made of yoghurt, drumsticks, and jaggery. It's a combination of all the good things that makes this dish yummy and wholesome.

On a scale of 1- excited, how excited are you to cook a Gujarati storm with these dishes in your kitchen?

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