15 Signs You're a Foodie at Heart

15 Signs Youre a Foodie at Heart

Food is life. Food is Bae. You know you're a real "foodie" when you eat for your stomach first, but when you're full, you still eat, because that's for your soul! Happy Foodies Day to all of you who go on flavoursome explorations every day.

It's your hunger for the experience hidden within the food on your plate that makes you a foodie. You are willing to show up anywhere on one condition - there should be food!

Here are 15 signs that prove you have symptoms of the "foodie syndrome" and may actually be Joey at heart!

1) You make your travel plans around food

You'd do pretty much anything for food even if it means travelling a thousand miles for it. Preparing your travel itinerary before visiting a destination involves in-depth research on the best restaurants and must-try street foods. Even clean washrooms are second priority for you. Because, food first!

2) You can LIVE in a supermarket until they kick you out

Grocery shopping to you is what shoes and bags are to shopaholics. You know every aisle of your neighbourhood grocery store at the back of your hand. Simply put, walking through supermarket aisles is your therapy.

3) Your culinary experiments are not for the faint-hearted

Life is too unpredictable to say no to food. When you're offered an unconventional dish or never-tried-before cuisine, you're more likely to say "Why not?" than "Ew!" It's simple - you're attracted to anything and everything food. You don't need a type. Asking you what's your favourite cuisine is like asking a bookworm for their favourite book.

4) You have food suggestions at your fingertips, like ALWAYS

You know about the latest restaurant openings in town before they have even opened doors and you're the first to RSVP to food events in your city. You're a walking-talking Zomato to your friends and family. You may not have your partner's phone number memorised but you can rattle out your favourite takeaway joint's number in your sleep.

5) No Fs are given once FOOD is in front of you!

The whole world can crash and burn around you or the hottest celebrity in town may pass you by but you're not batting an eye if there's food on your table. No one can come between you and food!

6) You stalk your favourite chefs and food connoisseurs so much, it's almost criminal

You border on creepy, stalker behavior when it comes to your favourite chef. You track their tweets and follow their social media activity because you have to keep yourself updated with the latest in food techniques, trends in the food business and new ingredients.

7) When it comes to food, you become Joey Tribbiani

JOEY DOESN'T SHARE FOOD and so don't you! No one dares to ask you for a fry or a bite from your meal. You can have someone opposite you on the dinner table drone on about their life while you have happily teleported to a galaxy of gourmet wonders. Relatable much?

8) You love eating, watching, talking food. Period.

Food shows are your Holy Grail. Binge watching food shows simply ignites your passion for food futher. You may or may not cook but your zealous conversations about food tell a different tale.

9) All your savings go to ordering in and dining out

But who cares, right? Food experiences come first, everything else later!

10) Castles of your favourite food are what your dreams are made of

You wake up in the middle of the night craving for something you ate only last week. And, you make it your mission in life to find a way to satisfy your craving that very moment.

11) The best gift for you would be anything to do with food

It's a no-brainer when it comes to planning a gift for you. There's nothing like enough food props and cutlery in your kitchen. You can always make room for more! Meal vouchers, cookbooks, tickets to a food festival - gifting you something is as simple as making 2-minute noodles.

12) There are some people you simply don't understand - like Picky Eaters

You want to shake them up and ask them - what's not to like about food? You don't understand how people can be picky when you want the entire menu! No matter how weird the food combination, everything is worth trying at least once. YOLO, after all.

13) Leftover food makes you happy!

Like it does to Nigella Lawson. You wake up in the middle of the night because the leftovers from dinner lying in your fridge call out to you and you simply can't help but dig in. If you're slyly nodding your head in agreement right now, you'd know that leftover food tastes even better!

14) The very mention of food can make you salivate

You may be in the middle of a work meeting or struggling with a deadline but the moment someone says 'let's have lunch', it brightens up your day. The very mention of your favourite dish makes you imagine, feel, smell and taste it in an instant. Food takes you to a place from where only food can help you come back.

15) You have more pictures of food on your social feed than of loved ones or pets

Scrolling your Instagram or Pinterest feed can leave anyone with hunger pangs and watery mouths. Salivating over food and feeding your eyes and heart are what life's pleasures mean to you.

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Shreya Jalavadia

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