15 Tasty Recipes To Try At Home This Holi

15 Tasty Recipes To Try At Home This Holi

Holi is about happiness. It's about colours. It's about playing with water and most importantly it's about food! No festival is complete without food and Holi is no exception. As a child, I remember eating a lot of Gujiyas and drinking a fruit-based milk concoction which was obviously bhang-less. I wanted to bring back some of my childhood memories by creating tasty recipes that I could try at home this Holi. So, go ahead and try these for your loved ones too!

1.) Bhang ki Pakodi

A twist to the regular Pakodas; mind you, this version can make you a little tipsy! And, recommended for adults only. But, I'm sure it's that one recipe that can help you play a prank on friends and family.

2.) Coconut Gujiya

Oh! This one surely takes me back to my mother's kitchen where she would spend her day making small purses of Gujiyas filling it with a sweet coconut filling. For most of us, it'll be a nostalgic dish.

3.) Dhuska

A popular deep-fried snack from Jharkhand, this is one of those tasty recipes where rice and chana dal are the main ingredients. It's like the cousin of Cheela or Chilla that North Indians are most familiar with.

4.) Pudine Ke Namakpare

A little salty, a little spicy, this is what this tasty Holi recipe has in store for you. Not everyone is fond of sugary snacks and this recipe can break the monotony of all-things-sweet festive tradition.

5.) Rava Dhokla

If you don't want to spend your entire day in the kitchen, this tasty recipe is a quick fix. Easy to make and healthy too, it can be savoured with pudina/mint or coriander chutney.

6.) Khasta Kachori

Who doesn't love kachoris? Especially those that are so crunchy and crisp on the outside and packed full of masala on the inside. It's usually paired with a tamarind or imli ki chutney.

7.) Stuffed Kulcha

Looking for tasty recipes? This one definitely makes the cut. It's like a stuffed paratha but not! It is preferably made with refined flour and is loaded with butter, therefore it's not for the faint-hearted.

8.) Puran Poli

The sweet version of a stuffed paratha, this yummy recipe can't go unnoticed. A mixture of chana dal and jaggery, spiced with nutmeg are rolled into balls, tucked into a dough ball, making it one of the tasty recipes that India has to offer to the world.

9.) Kaanji Vade

Easily mistaken as dahi vade due to its initial making process, this famous Rajasthani street food is made out of moong dal and helps in the digestion process. Generally eaten during monsoons it only seems apt as a Holi recipe after spending half a day drenched in water.

10.) Aloo Matar ki Potli

Anything Potli is synonymous to the surprise element that it brings along. Aloo Matar is one of the favourite fillings across households in India. The outer cover is similar to a samosa but this one is delicately packed making it an aesthetically appealing dish.

11.) Meethe Chawal

If you're lactose intolerant and kheer is your favourite comfort sweet dish, Meethe Chawal is for you! Beautifully spiced and rich in nuts, this dish sweetens up family get-togethers and festive occasions.

12.) Dahi Bhalla

A North Indian favourite, this Indian snack is an Indian version of a fried dumpling, soaked in water and loaded with cool, smooth curd. The coriander, imli and mint chutneys along with chilli, coriander and jeera powder bring this dish together.

13.) Thandai Shahi Tukda

Shahi Tukda means a royal dessert and to romanticise this affair, even more, a touch of desi flavour, Thandai is cleverly added. It's a marriage made in heaven when fried bread meets sweet rabdi like concoction to form the perfect match.

14.) Ajwain Mathri

Common in a Punjabi household, mathri is a flaky, crunchy snack that's perfectly spiced with ajwain or carom seeds. This is the first thing that pops up in the head when you think of chai or tea. Tea time is incomplete without some ajwain mathri to go with it.

15.) Malpua

An indulgent dessert for festive occasions, malpuas are fried pancakes that melt in the mouth as soon as it touches the tongue. It is variably flavoured with fennel or cardamom and dunked in a pot full of sugar syrup.

Shreya Jalavadia

Shreya Jalavadia

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