What does 2018 hold for Foodies?

What does 2018 hold for Foodies?

We ate black ice-cream, drank glitter cappuccino and stocked on quinoa and chia seeds in 2017. But what exciting developments are going to take our kitchens and tables by storm in 2018? Some of our favourite chefs and food bloggers gazed into the crystal ball for us:

Mediterranean food will gain in popularity

  1. Taste will be the main priority: Chef Ashish Bhasin, Executive Chef, Trident BKC

Forget about fancy-looking concoctions that don’t taste like even half their price. Restaurants will make taste a priority once again, irrespective of whether the dish is Instagram-worthy or not. Aren’t you glad to hear that?

  1. Expect to eat hyper-localised food: Ranveer Brar, Celebrity Chef

Having Maharashtrian food in Maharashtra is not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about moongachi gathi (curried green gram) from Rajapur Saraswat cuisine and Batata Song from Chitrapur Saraswat cuisine. That’s how localised things are going to get in 2018.

  1. Regional food will be on our plates: Pallavi Nigam, Youtube Chef

Enough of all this furore over foreign produce. There are so many culinary gems in our own backyard and restaurants will bring them back into the limelight in the coming year. The idea that home-grown produce can’t be glamorous won’t hold true anymore.

  1. We’ll return to simplicity: Kalyan Karmakar, Blogger at Finelychopped.net

Great food doesn’t always have to have a tongue-twisting name and an exterior that leaves you guessing. Think classic chocolate cake and dal tadka with steamed rice – time-tested, always delicious and yet, extremely simple.

  1. Ingredients will be in focus: Kalyan Karmakar

Consumers are becoming more adept at reading the ingredients labels on the products they buy. And they aren’t missing the fine print either. We know now that not everything that goes into our favourite foods is good for our bodies and brands will have to be more conscious about their ingredients mix.

  1. Natural extracts will find their way into dishes: Harpal Singh Sokhi, Celebrity Chef

“The world is heading towards new flavours and natural extracts, so we would definitely see interesting natural extracts used in food. We have been using them in our newly launched restaurant chain Dhadoom, wherein lots of floral flavours are used to enhance the colour and presentation of food,” says Sokhi.

  1. Chips and snacks will be made of more than just potato: Harpal Singh Sokhi

If you’re pretty fed up of munching on potato chips all the time, there’s good news on the horizon. We may see exotic munchies lining supermarket shelves in 2018, made of super-food grains, taro, cassava, sweet potatoes and others.

  1. Mediterranean cuisine will gain in popularity: Harpal Singh Sokhi

This is my favourite trend for 2018 because honestly, there are few cuisines as delicious and healthy as Mediterranean food. All that emphasis on hummus, olive oil, nuts, seeds, herbs and seafood will keep both your palate and your system sparkling.

  1. We’ll make the best of waste: Harpal Singh Sokhi

“Food wastage is a concern especially for a country like ours. The waste starts from the produce wherein the farmer does not get his due and goes up to the dining table. Even in the kitchens, we have to learn the utility of everything that a vegetable can offer,” says Sokhi.

  1. Healthy and fresh food will occupy our fridges: Shipra Khanna, Master Chef India Winner

The increased awareness of what’s going into our stomachs and where our food comes from, will continue in 2018 as well. And hopefully, the obsession for fresh and healthy food over greasy, packaged snacks will help you stick to your New Year fitness resolutions as well.

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